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SaS Slovakia Richard Sulík

SaS and Richard Sulík Are Closest to Freedom in Slovakia

Though they have a number of clear flaws, the SaS Party in Slovakia is generally oriented in the right direction toward freedom.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Russia Isn’t Why Trump Won, Get Over It

It's time to calm down about Russian meddling.

This Could Be Worse Than the Cold War

To prevent such a terrifying occurrence as WWIII, communication needs to be restored between countries, and expansionism needs to cease in order to not press other countries towards retaliation.

Abandoned Independence: The True Story of a Young Girl in Gaza

Dreaming of freedom in the Land of the Forgotten: The heartbreaking story of a Palestinian family's fight for their lives.

An Unprecedented Peace Summit With High Ratings. Now What?

Not much, if the first 18 months of the Trump administration are any indication.

The Case for Complete Global Free Trade

The world should adopt a free trade policy

President Trump’s Turbulent Trade Tomfoolery

Trump's flip on trade spells out bad news for the United States


The Necessity of Japanese Nationalism for Global Peace

Like Americans, the Japanese love their country. They need to promote this love to a great extent.