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Fidget spinner

Feds Spent Billions on Fidget Spinners, Personal Items

In order to use up all their budget, federal agencies spent billions of dollars last year on useless items, including fidget spinners.

The Government is the Worst Kind of Micromanager

We can see how an intrusive government wishes to become the biggest (and worst) micromanager of all, one that monitors and controls the means of production.

Throw Out Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman truly may be "the Establishment's Court Libertarian."

Joe Hannoush – Libertarian for Florida House District Twenty-Five

Joe Hannoush is the Libertarian candidate for District Twenty-Five of the Florida House of Representatives.

The Founding Fathers Would Be Furious At What America Has Become

By Jack Parkos | United States Many people have asked the question-"What would the Founding Fathers think of this policy or that law?"  Many also ask the question of what they would think of modern America in general. They would be furious. The Founders, while all having their own diverse ideologies and values, believed in ...

Should Libertarians Vote?

You can vote for smaller government.

Bring Down The State By Refusing To Play Its Game

Collectively remove yourselves from its system, and see what it can do then.

California or The Ministry of Truth?

A new fake news policy in California calls into question the limits of how far government should go when it comes to deciding on matters of truth.

Government Conservation Leads To Black Markets

In banning the trade of rhino horns, the government has not only artificially inflated the price of the commodity but has also prevented the owners of rhinos to sell their horns on the open market.

Shutdown Looming as President Trump Threatens to Veto Budget

President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday morning that he is considering vetoing the spending bill that has just passed the Senate.