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Trump address to the nation

Recapping President Trump’s Address to the Nation

In President Trump's first address to the nation, he gave a bold speech about the border wall and ongoing government shutdown.

IRS To Issue Tax Refunds During Government Shutdown

The Internal Revenue Service, despite fears that the government shutdown will continue into filing season, will provide tax refunds to those who file.

The Hysteria Over the Government Shutdown

The United States is facing a government shutdown, yet some Americans are not affected and are living their lives outside of this mass hysteria.

Government Shutdowns and Debt Ceilings

How I learned to love parliamentary democracy.

Government Shuts Down Because of Trump’s Ego

We cannot claim to be the best democracy in the world and set a precedent for other rising democracies if we cannot manage to keep our own functional and running smoothly.

BREAKING: President Trump Signs Budget

President Trump has signed the budget, preventing a shutdown.

Shutdown Looming as President Trump Threatens to Veto Budget

President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday morning that he is considering vetoing the spending bill that has just passed the Senate.


The Shutdown: Just Another Show That Pragmatism Will Never Work

The most important thing to be said here is that one must abandon the cult of pragmatism.

Would a Government Shutdown Really be That Bad?

What would the problem with the government going away even be?