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Proposed Oregon Gun Bill: Ineffective and Oppressive

Thomas DiGennaro | United States

OR SB 501 is working its way through the state legislature. Originally proposed by Democrat State Senator Robert Wagner, it has the potential to severely diminish the rights of Oregon gun owners. Before it got to Wagner’s desk, a group of activists Students for Change drafted the Oregon gun bill.

Apparently, a group of college kids who know next to nothing about firearms is definitely qualified to draft legislation that affects over 1,000,000 gun owners. If the bill passes, citizens will face stricter regulation than even Connecticutians or Californians. When the two states with the strictest gun laws are in there for comparison, you know it’s serious.

What OR SB 501 Entails

  • Bans magazines/weapons with a capacity of over 5 rounds
  • Limits ammunition purchases to 20 rounds per month
  • Mandates a permit for any firearm purchase (regardless of firearm class)
  • Mandates background checks on ammunition
  • Implements 14-day waiting periods on firearm purchases

The Firearms Policy Coalition has included this Oregon gun bill, and countless others, on their take action page, where you can contact your representatives to oppose this legislation.

Even New York has a 10 round magazine capacity, does not require a permit for rifle or shotgun purchases, and has neither limits nor background checks on ammunition purchases. This is the state with the world’s biggest city and some of the strictest gun laws in the country. However, these measures would have Oregon far surpass the Empire State.

The Oregon Gun Bill: Ineffective Measures

Clearly, these proposals egregiously violate the most basic rights of gun owners. They also make owning a firearm for legitimate purposes very inconvenient. Obviously, the five-round capacity is outrageous. This would force gun owners to turn in or destroy common, legally owned six-round revolvers, remarked Republican Oregon Representative Bill Post.

Moreover, limiting the purchase of ammunition to 20 rounds per month would interfere with individuals who wish to engage in basic target shooting or hunting. Without a doubt, most gun owners go through more than that in just one hour at a range.

A 14-day waiting period could endanger those seeking a firearm for their own self-protection. In many cases, individuals desire a gun when they or their families may be in danger. 14 days is plenty of time for an aggressor to mount an attack on an unarmed defendant.

I shouldn’t have to explain why background checks for ammunition are ludicrous. Background checks for firearms are already in place.

Stay in Your Lane

Not only is the proposal repressive towards basic sporting, hunting, and self-defense, it also will be largely ineffective in deterring crime and mass shootings. These measures would partially disarm legal gun owners.

However, they would have little to no impact on the illegally-owned firearms in circulation. If you cap magazines at five rounds and ammo purchases at 20 rounds per month, law-abiding citizens will have inadequate arms and munitions to defend themselves from those who operate on the outside of righteousness.

This attempt to find a solution to gun violence is an absolute blunder. It is a prime example of why those ignorant on the subject should not be involved in the legislative process.

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The Wide World of Unregistered Firearms

By Clint Sharp | United States

In a world where the right of the individual to own firearms — especially ones deemed “assault-style” rifles– is constantly being threatened, people are turning to less orthodox means of obtaining guns that bypass the over-the-counter registration process. These firearms are known by most as “ghost guns” as they are 100% unregistered, virtually untraceable, and as far as the State knows, nonexistent. While this seems too good to be true, it isn’t. Not only are these invisible guns cheap and easy to obtain, but they are also completely legal.

Image result for 80 percent lower

One notable company on the frontier of this industry is Ghost Gunner. Ghost Gunner specializes in manufacturing and selling “80% lowers”. An 80% lower is the lower receiver of a firearm and makes up around 80% of the completed receiver, hence the name. The lower receiver of a firearm is perhaps the most important part for two reasons. For one, it is the part of the gun where the bullets are fed into the chamber and the part that actually fires the round toward its designated target.

The other important aspect is that this is the part of firearms that is registered by both the seller and by the government. It is where that you will find the name of whatever brand of gun that you have, i.e Colt or Smith&Wesson, as well as the unique serial number used to identify the weapon. That is what sets the the Ghost Gunner receivers apart from the rest. They do not have the registered serial number that the other guns have. After you have your receiver, all that’s left is assembling the other 20% of the gun, which includes the stock and the barrel.

Ghost Gunner even sells entire CNC milling machines so that you can make the 80% lowers in the comfort of your own home. What’s great about that is that you do not have to be a certified machinist or gun expert to do this. All you have to do is pop in a block of aluminum, do a little clicking, and the machine mills out your receiver, completely free from the prying eyes of Uncle Sam. In addition to their original AR-15 lower, Ghost Gunner also provides receivers and software for MP5, AK-47, and M1911 lowers.

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