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How Noah Berlatsky and CNN Got Free Speech Wrong

In a recent editorial, CNN's Noah Berlatsky got several things wrong about the extension of free speech rights to proclaimed racists and bigots.

Freedom of Speech Upheld in Face of ‘Nazi Salute’ Backlash

A school is defending the free speech rights of a group of boys pictured doing what many claim is a Nazi salute in a prom picture posted to Twitter.

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There Is No Moral Reason to Prohibit Hate Speech

Though it may be offensive to some people, unless it is a direct incitement of violence, hate speech is Constitutionally protected free speech.

Supreme Court to Solve Free Speech v. Private Corporation Debate

By Mason Mohon | United States Brett Kavanaugh's turbulent entrance into the Supreme Court will first be met with a potentially groundbreaking free speech case. The case is that of Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, No. 17-702. As CNBC reports, this case centers around whether a private operator of a public access television network is ...


“Build the Wall” Sign Declared Hate Speech at Stanford

Free speech seems to be in a precarious position at Stanford.

Free Speech Zones: A Backhanded Slap to Students

Free speech zones both eliminate the discussion associated with higher levels of learning and are unconstitutional.

Germany is Turning Towards Authoritarianism Again

Merkel came to power in 2005.  As of late, she has devoted herself to the destruction of Germany. 

California Prosecutes Man For Criticizing Islam On Social Media

Free speech is in trouble in California.

Germany Cracks Down on Free Speech

The German government is doing what it can to remove hate speech and fake news from social media, and it's frightening.

Virginia’s Censorship Laws May Be More Dangerous Than We Think

Virginia is violating people’s free speech.