Obamacare Failure Makes Employer Insurance Unaffordable, Kaiser Study Shows

Warren Albrecht | @drw_albrecht

The New York Times discussed a newly released Kaiser Foundation report that pointed to premiums and deductibles making employer-based health insurance more expensive. This supports the failure of Obamacare. Kaiser Foundation surveys are a go-to source for issues supporting government control like the Affordable Care Act ( ACA).  We can now see how the present Kaiser Foundation report is proving Obamacare’s critics correct.

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Expect the Democrats to Exploit Obamacare’s Failures

Warren Albrecht | United States

In a telephone survey done by Monmouth University, 27% of those polled said that they or a household family member had avoided medical care because of cost. 20% of adults said that over the last 10 years, they did not pursue other jobs or forms of work due to concerns over losing medical insurance. In a piece by The Hill reviewing the poll, the writer discusses views of supporters and critics of Medicare for All but does not tackle the specifics.

Proponents of Medicare for All say that reducing this “job lock,” or the need to stay in a job to keep the employer-provided health insurance, is a benefit of government-run insurance. Opponents say people often like their employer-sponsored coverage and do not want to be forced to give it up.

You can see the narrative forming. The Democrats will push Medicare for All, essentially code for universal healthcare, because people are still having problems. The failure of Obamacare is not to be mentioned. Free market ideas thrown to the side in 2009 are not being evaluated by the press. Recent polls that show Obamacare’s failures will be used by the Democratic Presidential candidates throughout their campaigns in an attempt to push for Medicare for All.

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