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Government Shutdowns and Debt Ceilings

How I learned to love parliamentary democracy.

Doctor private healthcare

Private Healthcare is a Moral and Pragmatic Necessity

Teagan Fair | United States The debate about healthcare in America is huge, and both sides have many compelling arguments. However, privatizing as many services as possible appears to be the morally correct choice. The Moral Argument The government should not be the ones to provide healthcare for the Amerian people. To understand my ethical ...

The True Cost of Socialized Healthcare: Canadian Eugenics

This action and similar ones are not a mere fluke, but a feature of a government-run system.

Movements Are Visionary, Not Cautious

Ambitious plans are what liberalism needs now

“Not Real Socialism” is a Valid Argument

Socialism may be flawed in practice, but the theory behind it differs from the effects seen in the real world, giving validity to a common argument.

Libertarians Should Support Ted Cruz

Libertarians must vote for Ted Cruz in the 2018 Texas Senate election to ensure that Democrat Beto O'Rourke, a great opponent of Liberty, is not elected.

“The Once And Future Liberal”-How Does the Left Move Forward?

Mark Lilla provides the left with a way forward, but will they take it?

Doctor examining patient under free health care

Life is Tragic but Free Health Care is Malevolent

Life's tragic events pale in comparison to the gross inadequacies and violations of freedom that come from public free health care.

Why We Moved To Canada

Why leaving the United States (but not going too far) is looking more and more like the right decision for many Americans.

Medicare-for-All Would Be That Expensive… and then Some

Providing Medicare for all would be more expensive than the much publicized recent report would suggest.