An Open Letter to Congressman Peter King

congressman pete king assault weapons ban
Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

To Congressman Peter King,

I was immensely disappointed, but I am not surprised to hear about your support for a federal assault weapons ban. I am ashamed that my face appears on your campaign literature, due to your support for not only a federal assault weapons ban but also HR8 and HR1112 which greatly expand background checks and create more loops for gun owners to jump through. It is clear that these gun control measures do not represent the interests of your constituents.

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Oppressive Gun Bills in the Oregon State Legislature

oregon gun bill, or sb 501
Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

OR SB 501 is still currently circling around in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This Oregon gun bill, nicknamed the “Oregon Gunpocalypse”, imposes ridiculous restraints on legal gun owners. OR SB 978 is also gaining traction in the State Senate. OR HB 3223 is in the House Judiciary Committee as well. Clearly, someone ignorant on the subject of firearms drafted these bills. High School students, “Students for Change”, drafted OR SB 501, which State Senator Robert Wagner proposed. Apparently drafting gun bills when you know nothing about guns is a trend in Oregon.

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