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MLK LBJ Free Speech

How Noah Berlatsky and CNN Got Free Speech Wrong

In a recent editorial, CNN's Noah Berlatsky got several things wrong about the extension of free speech rights to proclaimed racists and bigots.

Social Progress Index

GDP is Dead, and the Social Progress Index Succeeds It

The GDP is far past its time of use, and it is time for countries to adopt the social progress index as a measure of growth and development.

America Needs To Let Go of Zero-Sum Thinking

Humanity isn’t a collection of teams. Humanity is the team.

Part II- Humans and Animals: Defining Justice

This is part II in a short series on humans using animals for consumption.

Nobody Truly Understands Natural Human Rights

The debate over what is a right rages on, yet few truly understand what rights are.

2018: The Year to Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana is not as bad as the world makes it out to be. 2018 should be the year we finally break the chains.

Privacy is Under Attack in the West. It Needs Defending.

All across multiple western countries, the right to privacy is being destroyed.


Racism is the Disease, So What’s the Cure?

How do we cure racism? Should we even allow it legally? And what model should we use to oppose it?


Why Roe was Wrong: Part 3

With the exception of cases in which the mother’s life is in great danger, abortion is a practice which holds no firm grounds for existence in the legal or moral realms.


Uganda and its Oppression of Women

How the African country is turning a blind eye to the rights of women.