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Flat tax taxation taxes money

The Least Immoral and Most Effective Tax

Though all taxes are nothing but a necessary evil to fund essential government programs, this particular tax is less immoral than others.

The Distortion of Liberalism

Liberalism has gone from an ideology seeking to protect individual's rights and keep them free, to a hypocritical philosophy of big government benevolence.

Working-class men

Josh Hawley’s Wage Plan will Cripple the Working Class

Missouri GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley recently proposed a disastrous "work credit" wage plan that will deeply hurt the working class.

Income Inequality is Real, and That is a Good Thing

Income inequality is a necessary part of any economy.

Keynesian Economics: A Misleading Policy

Keynesian economics, though often touted as successful, has a number of key pitfalls

A Look at Finland’s Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income is not the failure many make it out to be


Capital Gains is Hurting Cryptocurrency

Just how dangerous is the capital gains tax for the crypto market, and should this tax be abolished?

An Anarchist Society is a Better Society

Why a stateless society would thrive.