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Government Overreach Increases Regardless of Party

Though compromise appears beneficial on the surface, it usually results in government overreach on behalf of both parties.

The Tyranny and Failure of Coercive Paternalism

Coercive Paternalism, the ideology that is responsible for government intervention in our daily lives, is flawed and neglects the rights of the individual.

Man and the Right to Govern Himself

Humans have morals and a conscious. If the law suddenly ceased to exist, how would we decide to govern ourselves?

Joe Hannoush – Libertarian for Florida House District Twenty-Five

Joe Hannoush is the Libertarian candidate for District Twenty-Five of the Florida House of Representatives.

The Wide World of Unregistered Firearms

Individuals can easily avoid firearm registration.

Nobody Truly Understands Natural Human Rights

The debate over what is a right rages on, yet few truly understand what rights are.

Why Jordan Peterson Is A Libertarian’s New Best Friend

Breathing life into the forgotten art of self-help libertarianism.


Is Patriotism a Gateway Drug to Slavery? – Jonny Watt

Is patriotism the mere act of loving one’s country, or is this movement detrimental to the wellbeing of society?

Gradualism: The Best Friend of a Libertarian in a Statist World

Gradualism isn't compromising. If you continually push for your ideas, how are you compromising?

Critiquing Marxism: The Role of Ideas in History

History is driven by ideas that are made by individuals. The Marxist position is in opposition to this idea, though.