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New Yorkers can Fight Corruption by Voting Larry Sharpe

By Trey Johnson | United States

Larry Sharpe (L) is a Bronx native, a Marine Corps veteran, an entrepreneur, and a management consultant. He moreover has 15 years of experience mentoring international executives, entrepreneurs & salespeople. He is also a teacher and has served as a guest instructor for business management and leadership at institutions such as Yale University, Columbia University, Baruch College and John Jay College.

In a recent poll, when pitted against the incumbent, Larry Sharpe was the closest competitor. The Republican candidate fell short where Larry came close, gaining 49% of the non-Cuomo votes. He thus truly believes this is a three-way race where a third party candidate has the opportunity to make a run for the office.

Like Democrats, Larry believes voter apathy is the reason why citizens enable incumbents like the current Governor of New York. He is asking for New Yorkers to get out and vote: not for a corrupt Democrat, nor the try-hard Republican, but for a fresh new party moving up in the ranks of American Politics.

Libertarian thinkers have a higher IQ on average than any other set of beliefs. Libertarian principles are, of course, rooted in the revolutionary American ideals that created this great country. American voters have come to the realization that money in politics is the root of corruption. And, Larry Sharpe promises to decrease the amount of money available to corrupt individuals to choke their supply of power.

A View for the Future

Sharpe went on the Joe Rogan podcast where expressed his plan for New York state and how he intends to bring sanity back to the governorship. As a former teacher, he has a plan to reform the education system in New York. He believes empowering local teachers and Parent Teacher Associations is the key to saving New York’s failing education system.

Larry wants to save New York. If New Yorkers vote Democrat or Republican, the incumbent will win the election and nothing will change. Without a doubt, the state deserves a leader who is not corrupt and will not lead the state down the same unchanged path. New Yorkers deserve Larry Sharpe.

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Larry Sharpe to be Featured on The Joe Rogan Experience

By Kenneth Casey | United States

Early Sunday morning, New York State Libertarian Party Gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe took to Twitter to announce they he will be a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience on September 5th, and that the event will be live-streamed from 6:00 EST to 7:30 EST.

If you’re unfamiliar with who Joe Rogan is, he is arguably the most prominent figure of Alternative Media and the host of the 4th most popular podcast on ITunes as of August 26th, which puts him ahead of The New York Times’ The Daily and ‘Oprah’s Master Class: The Podcast’.

He’s earned the reputation as an open-minded podcaster who’s willing to talk to any culturally relevant figure. He’s had discussions with prominent right-wing figures such as Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, and Jordan Peterson, as well as left-wing figures such as Bret Weinstein, Kyle Kulinski, Sam Harris and Cenk Uygur, just to name a few. He’s also had on some highly controversial figures like Alex Jones and Ted Nugent. Rogan offers something you just can’t get from mainstream media.

For Sharpe, this is a huge deal for his campaign. Rogan gets millions of downloads on every one of his podcasts, and I don’t think it’s far-fetched to argue he’s a more influential voice and reaches more people than anyone on radio or anyone in mainstream media. Sharpe has run an impeccable campaign which has lead him onto prominent shows such as The Rubin Report and Kennedy, as it’s very rare for a Libertarian Party candidate (or any third party candidate) to receive that type of media attention.

To listen to the podcast when it hits the air, subscribe to Joe Rogan’s YouTube Channel and turn on notifications to receive an immediate alert when it goes live. You can also download his podcasts on iTunes or your favorite podcast hosting site.

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Colby Covington Is Making The UFC Great Again

Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Right when it was looking like the UFC had become a dead fish, flash in the pan, XFL-lite retirement party without the hooker punch, Colby Covington shows up beating his chest and dropping enough f-bombs to shake the cobwebs off the weathering corpse of MMA’s premier championship competition. Covington is the type of asteroid wrapped in kryptonite sent from the nether regions beyond the sun to break the mold of boring, trite, manufactured content that keep the big whigs executives of sport TV sleeping comfortably at night.

After “Chaos” defeated Rafael dos Anjos to claim the welterweight belt last weekend, Covington laid into critics and Trump haters alike. Saddling up next to Joe Rogan after his five-round win, Colby was blunt in his support for President Trump. With fans jeering in the background, Covington let Tyron Woodley that he wants his neck next and peacocked before the fighting community as he announced his plan to take his new championship belt and set it on the President’s desk ‘like a real American.’

In the press conference following his title bout, Covington went further when he called the city of Philadelphia “Filthadelphia.” Covington made headlines leading into the fight when he launched into a tirade against Joe Rogan saying that he would ‘slap’ the podcast host in the face. In a sport that is stocked with high octane, loud mouth sparrers, Covington is making his mark as the new crowning king of trash talk. Following his defeat of Demian Maia in Sao Paulo, Covington was led out of the ring surrounded by a group of security guards after he described Brazil as a “dump” filled with “a bunch of filthy animals.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a fighter use the gift of gab to boost his stardom and wealth. As a rule, fighting of every type shares a legacy of big mouth behemoths conquering each other with words and then fists. Conor McGregor infamously gained notoriety by spewing garbage hot takes at any fighter willing to stand in his path. After defeating all comers that stood in his way, McGregor leveraged his brand into a 100 million dollar super bout with reigning light middleweight champion of the world Floyd Mayweather. Although the fight with Floyd Mayweather was certainly a dud, the lead-up saw McGregor donning suits and clowning Mayweather over and over at each press stop. It was a great show and for the most part, the global public lapped it up.

With the UFC signing a massive multi-year deal with ESPN in May, it is imperative that the sport continues to provide a host of showmen who can carry the sport through even its dryest seasons. With his name being bantered around as the next rising superstar of mixed martial arts, maybe Covington isn’t a brickheaded as he looks, proving the age-old saying true: “If it bleeds, it leads.” Love him or hate him, Colby Covington’s villainy will put people in the stands and light up the pay-per-view the next time he fights and that’s exactly what head boss Dana White wants.

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