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Movements Are Visionary, Not Cautious

Ambitious plans are what liberalism needs now

Trade School: Why You Don’t Need to Go to a University

Trade schools can save you time and money while still giving you the skills that are necessary for being successful in a range of future careers.

Labor Unions Destroyed the Sanctity of the Worker

Labor unions have become obsolete due to their tendency to destabilize the labor market and increase prices of goods.

Dying Industries in the USA and the Ones Worth Reviving

Through a societal change in desires, as well as increased automation and outsourcing, a number of American industries are declining.

Reflections on Japan through a Libertarian Lens

A reflection on how libertarian the nation of Japan currently is

How the Government Held Back the Second Industrial Revolution

The second industrial revolution was a great time in American history, yet it did not reach its fullest potential.

Is Welfare Better Than a Job? In 15 States, It Is.

Welfare is better than working in many places, creating ridiculous dependencies.