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Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe Excluded from NY Gubernatorial Debate

After low polling and name recognition, WBNG New York has decided not to include Larry Sharpe or any other third-party candidates.

Larry Sharpe

New Yorkers can Fight Corruption by Voting Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe for Governor provides a way out for New Yorkers who wish to end corruption in their state government.

Larry Sharpe to be Featured on The Joe Rogan Experience

The Libertarian Party candidate for governor of New York will be a guest on Joe Rogan's show.

Larry Sharpe Is Wrong-There Should Be No Compromise Between Baker and Gay Couple

Compromise on the "bake the cake" issue betrays libertarian principles and allows the state to grow in power and size, at the expense of civil liberties.

Come And Take It: Inside The 2018 Libertarian National Convention

An Extensive Look At The New Orleans Convention

Dear New York: Elect Larry Sharpe

A "New" New York Message

Libertarians are Lacking a Respectable Role Model

Libertarians simply have nobody to follow as an example.

Hanging Out With Larry Sharpe

An interview with gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe.

Sign This Petition to Get Larry Sharpe on Colbert

Larry Sharpe is trying to get on The Late Show.

Larry Sharpe Is The New Libertarian Standard

Mr. Sharpe's campaign for NY Governor has been one of the finest in recent LP memory.