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Spreading Libertarianism in the Classroom

How does one high school English teacher spread the message of liberty in the classroom?

California Prosecutes Man For Criticizing Islam On Social Media

Free speech is in trouble in California.

Germany Cracks Down on Free Speech

The German government is doing what it can to remove hate speech and fake news from social media, and it's frightening.

Jury Nullification: A Powerful Tool for the Advancement of Liberty

You may see no better opportunity to advance liberty on an individual yet highly effective level.

“Innocent Until Proven Guilty” for All, But Not You!

Assumptions are a dangerous tool. We should be wary of the conclusion we reach when lacking evidence.


The Department of Justice Blocks AT&T Merger

The Department of Justice is filing a civil antitrust lawsuit. Here's the details.


Berkeley Braces for a Battle that Will Hopefully Never Come

Thanks to free speech, Berkeley has braced for war. Thursday, Ben Shapiro descended on UC-Berkeley to give a speech covering a multitude of topics. While speaking, he addressed matters ranging from personal responsibility to identity politics. He also took the time to denounce the Alt-Right and have an open Q&A session. Sounds dangerous, doesn't it? ...


Racism is the Disease, So What’s the Cure?

How do we cure racism? Should we even allow it legally? And what model should we use to oppose it?


Why Roe was Wrong: Part 3

With the exception of cases in which the mother’s life is in great danger, abortion is a practice which holds no firm grounds for existence in the legal or moral realms.


Uganda and its Oppression of Women

How the African country is turning a blind eye to the rights of women.

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