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California Leftists Want To Control How You Eat

Ultra Liberal State Legislatures Push For Ban On Corporate Cafeterias

Chance the Rapper and Kanye West Break the Echo Chamber

This may allow us to move away from the endless drawl of Neo-Marxist culture.

Thinking like a Socialist: The Leftist Paradigm

Understanding the leftist argument for socialism.

Common Misconceptions About The Universal Basic Income

As Automation Looms, UBI Rears Its Head

Bernie Would Slaughter

Sanders Would be a Dangerous President, but Could Beat Trump in a Landslide

Raleigh Police Demand Google Release GPS Data Of Users Near Crime Scenes

North Carolina Authorities Use Courts To Access Cell Data

Democrat Conor Lamb Declares Victory In Pennsylvania Special Election

Liberals Claim Victory In Biggest Race Of The Year

The New Radical and Violent Left

The left has taken a turn to violence.

“It’s Okay to be White” Posters Spark Outrage

Poster's have begun to pop up, and people are not happy.