Sex Work Decriminalization Bill Would Save Thousands from Slavery

sex work decriminalization
Ellie McFarland | @El_FarAwayLand

Back in June, the New York Senate introduced a sex work decriminalization bill. The bill, still without an eye-catching name, remains in committee. It has been there for several months due to its highly controversial nature. As it stands now, it covers everything from public health to property and domestic violence. If it passes, the bill will need to be water-tight in order to evade the bipartisan firing squad ready to shoot it down every time it comes to a vote. But regardless of its security, it would likely face a flurry of combatants based on so-called principles.

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Joe Biden: The Lone Democrat Against Marijuana Legalization

joe biden marijuana weed
Ellie McFarland | @El_FarAwayLand

Since the War on Drugs began in the early 70s, there have been people, interest groups, and politicians working to bring an end to it. As early as the 1990s, states were legalizing medical marijuana usage thanks to largely Democratic politicians. Pot legalization has been a contentious topic in all American elections since. Although Democrats spearhead the issue, more and more people on both sides are giving the go-ahead for pot legalization. However, Former Vice President Joe Biden starkly breaks with this Democratic consensus on weed.

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The Government Must Not Legalize Weed

weed plant legalize it
Tu Lee | @71RepublicMedia

At some point, the Libertarian Party had a revelation. While classic Libertarians like Ron Paul had always run their platform as deeply ideological, the Libertarian Party could simply do away with the complicated thinking. They didn’t need the whole complicated thoughtful policy shtick; they could strip the party down to gays, guns, and weed. Gun owners’ votes were in the bag. All they had to do was promise to let people smoke up and the votes should pour in. Soon they rolled out their new face for these ideas; Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party pumped out weed signs, weed hats, and weed bumper stickers. So did it work?

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