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Being a Writer in the Liberty Movement

Contributing to the liberty movement through writing provides the writer with the ability to take in ideas and to spread new ones.

Everyone Should Vote

Although counterintuitive, it is a popular opinion among many libertarians and anarchists that one should not vote in political elections.

Libertarian Party Establishes Youth Engagement Committee

The LP Youth Engagement Committee will seek to bring in a new wave of libertarians.

The New Mexico Senate Race is Heating Up

Gary Johnson seeks to win the 2018 New Mexico Senate race, and recent polls show he may just do that.

How Ayn Rand’s Objectivism Shaped Libertarianism

Despite butting heads with many libertarian leaders, Ayn Rand's philosophy has contributed much to the libertarian movement.

Libertarianism: What Do People Know About It?

Youth and adults alike are in the dark when it comes to the ideas and message of libertarianism and many have misconceptions about the ideology.

Larry Sharpe

New Yorkers can Fight Corruption by Voting Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe for Governor provides a way out for New Yorkers who wish to end corruption in their state government.

Alt Right Intolerance

The Libertarian Party will Rise from Ashes of Intolerance

The growing trend of extremism and intolerance today is unsustainable, and the Libertarian Party will rise from the ashes to provide a new way forward for all.

South Carolina capitol

The South Carolina LP’s Battle Over James Smith

The South Carolina Libertarian Party is being attacked for the simple reason that they are not nominating Democrat James Smith for governor.

New Mexico LP to Sue State Over Straight Party Voting

Libertarians and Republicans alike are contesting a measure to allow citizens of New Mexico to vote for one single party with one box.