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Can the Libertarian Party Actually Get Someone Elected?

Conner Drigotas | @cddrigotas

Tim Silfies was one of the highest quality individuals the Libertarian Party has ever put forward as a congressional candidate. He ran for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District as a born-and-raised local with national media experience. He demonstrated a strong understanding of the district and invested a full-time commitment to winning. Silfies even quit his job as a business reporter to run his race.

In the end, however, Silfies earned only 3.1% of the vote, not even enough to cover the margin of victory.

As an ardent defender of freedom and liberty for all people, a self-described libertarian, I have not seen exceptional candidates in the Republican and Democratic parties who are working to expand our liberties as Americans. I volunteer on Libertarian campaigns, donate money, and constantly work to advance liberty in all aspects of my life.

I know I am not alone in having concerns about the state of liberty in America. However, I also have concerns about a Libertarian’s ability to win public office at the state and federal level.

The biggest red flag for me, in this case, was not the final vote percentage, so much as the surrounding facts. Libertarians love to point to debate exclusion, poll exclusion, and lack of media coverage as reasons why candidates fare poorly.

Where Did Silfies Go Wrong?

Silfies received media coverage. He was part of the media, a business reporter on WFMZ and a former Fox News Producer in New York City until he left his position to run this race. As a candidate, he appeared on Fox Business on Kennedy, twice. He was in every debate. He performed incredibly well in each debate, routinely winning with his specific policy recommendations and emotional appeals. Silfies was mentioned in every local article that discussed the race and he garnered an appropriately large social media following.

He raised and spent money as well. Despite having less cash, his cost per vote was lower than the victor.

But when people got to the polls, they still voted for the lesser of two evils, candidates that they themselves (by all media and polling accounts) believed to be inadequate leaders. They did not vote based on principle, they voted out of fear about the other major parties candidate.

To hear Tim tell it: “They said, I love your message. I love your ideas. I wish I could vote for you.”

That is a concerning narrative in my hometown.

Meanwhile, groups like Operation Win at the Door, led by Cliff Malony Jr. of Young American’s for Liberty — supported almost exclusively liberty leaning Republicans in state-level races across the country. Their organization knocked on more than 1,000,000 doors and changed the hearts and minds of many. They elected 37 “liberty-minded” people to public office. They came closer to their goal of increasing liberty in government by co-opting the system and making sure that liberty-minded individuals were getting additional support on the ground.

Values Above All Else

Principles above politics. I have always said that is the gold standard for judging a candidate — and I believe it is time that we examine political parties the same way. While the Libertarian Party has principles, the organization is not yet penetrating the market enough to elect enough people. The value proposition isn’t strong enough. Based on the example of Tim Silfies, I have my worries that the Libertarian Party will never become an effective voice for liberty-minded Americans. When Libertarian candidates are able to overcome the typical barriers, as Tim did, they still under perform at the ballot box by a polarized system based on fear.

Maybe some of it can be explained by money. While Tim spent less per vote — he didn’t have enough money to reach enough voters. The gap is significant. 

I am more inclined to believe there is a systemic issue. Nationally, Libertarian Party leadership is stagnant and not creative. There was little if any support from a national infrastructure to aid Tim’s campaign, and even at the state level, there was only limited mobilization. I understand the Libertarian idea of decentralization, but if you choose to play politics — do it in such a way that you are competitive.

The Libertarian Party at the National Level

There are no major media pushes from national leadership. They are slow to respond, and they constantly delegate routine campaign responsibilities to state organizations. Ironically, they are creating greater bureaucracy by doing so. Efforts by 50 state organizations are redundant and campaigns routinely start from scratch at the beginning of every cycle. Local and state leaders are overwhelmed and under-trained to be effective political organizers. They are starving for more education, and don’t always know where to go to receive it. The national organization is not prioritizing training and empowerment, which is what would be necessary for local success.

I believe Libertarians stand to gain the most by focusing all of their efforts on local politics, and ensuring that liberty is preserved in our states. The Tenth Amendment still has teeth — even if it is underutilized.

A Lesson from Trump’s Campaign

On January 28, 2019, I sat at CPAC in Washington DC and listened to Brad Parscale talk about the 2020 election. He is the Campaign Manager for Donald J. Trump’s 2020 reelection bid. There were 614 days until November 3, 2020, and he had 1.3 million active volunteers. As he put it, “I have 1 volunteer for every 13 people the campaign needs to reach.” The Libertarian Party has 500,000 total registered voters and will not even select a presidential candidate until May 25, 2020 — with only 162 days to go before the election.

That should be the homestretch, not the kickoff. Smaller parties need more time to organize, not less.

Where the Libertarian Party has a continuity problem, the Republican Party has a continuity machine that is devouring our country. The Democratic Party has a similar machine that rolls forward: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is the way the Libertarian Party has organized that creates the biggest barriers to it being effective.

The Republican Party is getting people elected who may or may not be liberty minded. Most often they miss the mark on social issues, where they should be promoting small government and more individual freedom. The Republican Party has failed as an institution to shrink government, though I believe many individuals in the party at many levels work every day to accomplish that goal. The Democratic Party is helping elect candidates who are not liberty minded, and are struggling to maintain social tolerance as part of their core principles. Their fiscal policy is ruinous. In other words, there is a market opportunity there, but the Libertarians need to fill that void competently.


I sat at the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA) Convention on March 16, 2019. From an active membership of just over 200, there were 62 people in attendance. There is a tremendous amount of credit to be given. The multi-day event featured presidential candidates, state candidates, local candidates, vendors, and an exchange of ideas that focused on where change can actually be made — in our communities. In Pennsylvania, there is a renewed focus on action oriented leadership.

A consistent highlight of the Libertarian movement is Larry Sharpe, who also spoke to the LPPA at this convention. His talk focused on grassroots action and his approach to increasing liberty: “smile politely, be friendly, and keep having conversations.”

He believes that even when people come to the Libertarian Party looking for “Democrat-lite or Republican-lite,” the party should still welcome them, with open arms. “Don’t berate beliefs that are anti-liberty. Embrace what is pro-liberty, and keep having conversations.” By doing that, he claims, people will return again and again — and liberty will grow.

I am curious to learn whether my fellow liberty lovers have thoughts on the case study of Tim Silfies, and the current electoral reality across the country? Can the Libertarian party be successful at the state or national level? What comes next to fill that void in a rapidly polarizing system? How can we advance liberty in these United States?

Only 17% of people pay attention to politics. Despite the best media coverage, debate inclusion, and money spent 16% of people show up to vote without paying attention. They vote on party lines without, perhaps, understanding what that means. Only 55% of people bother to vote at all. 

Where Does the Libertarian Party Go From Here?

I have a number of ideas about what should come next, both for the Libertarian party and libertarians. The goals need to be bigger. The tent needs to be bigger. The plans need to be more specific, action-oriented, and local. Keep an eye out for more articles on this, and the launch of some important projects. Follow me here to stay in the loop.

In the meantime, I am looking for recommendations on the best way to promote liberty and individual freedoms in these United States of America for the protection and advancement of all people. What ideas do you have for me? Comment here, or send me a message on Facebook.

So long as Washington consolidates more power — the ranks of those who will fight for liberty will continue to grow. The question is whether those numbers will be large enough to make a difference, before it is too late.

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How to Win Any Argument in Politics: A Complete Guide

Ian Brzeski | @ianbrzeski

Are you struggling to convince your friend on why Donald Trump is the worst and most racist president alive? Or maybe you want to convince them on why he is our Lord and Savior. Whatever the case, this article will prepare you on how you can win those arguments and convince all your close family and friends to see things from your point of view. No more stupid liberals blowing up your twitter feeds, no more Hitler-esque MAGA supporters walking around the streets. With these tips on how to beat any political opponent across the spectrum, you will become unstoppable.

How to Win Any Argument as a Conservative


To beat somebody in an argument, you are going to need a couple of weeks to prepare. The first step when preparing to argue with somebody who is not conservative is to look in your mirror every morning and tell yourself that everybody else is a liberal snowflake. When arguing with a liberal snowflake, they are going to cry 100% of the time. It is pretty much guaranteed. Doing this will give you the motivation and confidence you need to destroy that liberal.

Furthermore, to continue your preparation, you have to listen to Ben Shapiro every night before you go to bed. Make sure to memorize every single one of his lines in every video you watch. I recommend watching the videos titled “Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Crazy Libtard” or similar.

In the Debate

Now that you have prepared for your argument, you are ready to seek out somebody to destroy. Upon finding a person, make sure the first thing you mention is how great of a president Donald Trump is. This is going to trigger and shock them. To illustrate this, their hands will be sweating, they will be profusely shaking, and their first reaction will be to call you a racist. This is precisely the kind of response you want. You now have the upper hand and are ready to obliterate them in any argument.

Some other things you may want to mention:

  • Liberalism is a disease.
  • If you are pro-choice, you are a baby killer. Therefore, any other argument you make is invalid.
  • If you do not support Israel, you hate the United States. Oh, and you also hate Jews too.
  • ISIS will take over the United States if we do not relentlessly bomb the Middle East to find our freedom.
  • If you do not stand for the flag, you are quite literally the worst person in the world and deserve to die.
  • Facts don’t care about your feelings.
  • Back the blue.
  • If you aren’t with us, you are against us.
  • It is your duty to die for your country.
  • Transgender people are mentally ill.
  • Illegal immigrants are murderers and rapists.
  • Allowing refugees into the country is the same as allowing Isis into the country.
  • The Confederate flag is not racist.
  • If you hate the government so much, why don’t you just leave?
  • Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

Closing the Debate

After presenting all of these facts, you want to hit them with the “libtard.” There is no recovery for them once you call them a “libtard.” After calling them that, walk away and do not pay attention to any single word they say. You have won. Congratulations. Go home and celebrate by grabbing a beer and putting on some Fox News in your trailer home.

How to Win Any Argument as a Liberal


First, educate yourself, learning that both conservatives and libertarians are two sides of the same coin. After all, libertarianism and conservatism are both alt-right political ideologies that resemble fascism. Once you recognize this, it is easily assumed at this point that you are morally a better person than everybody else. Libertarians and conservatives are the most hateful and racist people out there. To make it even worse, they hate poor people. You want people to have affordable healthcare and a stable social safety net; they don’t. They honestly do not even exist outside of the internet. How could they? You have never associated with them in your life.

After you realize that you are better than everybody else is when you can start listening to comedians reuse the same Donald Trump jokes over and over again. God damn, those jokes are so funny. They never get old. When you are around your buddies, make sure to repeat those jokes because they are so damn hilarious. It is not like they watched the same John Oliver episode you watched last night.

In the Debate

Things to say in a debate:

  • Climate change will kill everybody within the next 36 hours.
  • Donald Trump is racist.
  • Hillary won the popular vote so she should be president.
  • Donald Trump is orange.
  • Russia hacked the elections.
  • Donald Trump is sexist.
  • Kavanaugh is a rapist.
  • Donald Trump is misogynistic.
  • End the wars except when Donald Trump wants to, then blow up Muslims.
  • Donald Trump is a murderer.
  • Abolish the electoral college.
  • Donald Trump is literally Hitler.
  • Making at least $30 an hour is a fundamental human right.
  • Donald Trump is a Nazi.
  • My body my choice.
  • Donald Trump is a baby.
  • Hate speech is murder.

Closing the Debate

The simplest way for you to win and effectively close out the debate is to call your opponent a racist and to start crying immediately. They will be taken aback, and be at a loss for words. They also may make fun of you, but that is further proving your point that you are the better person. Never forget that you should tune out anything points they try to make. After all, those points are inherently racist and have no real value.

How to Win Any Argument as a Libertarian


As you scratch your neckbeard with “Liberty Defined” by Ron Paul in your hand, you have realized that everybody is a statist, even other libertarians. Libertarians are not libertarian enough, and some libertarians are too radical (@ ancaps). “Everybody is an NPC except for me,” is what you tell yourself as you look at your diverse collection of literature ranging from Murray Rothbard all the way to Milton Friedman. You have all the answers already. You do not even need this article to know how to win an argument. Friedrich Hayek taught you everything you need to know, thus, you are prepared.

In the Debate

I know you already know everything, but here are some things you may want to mention in your debate in case you forget:

  • Taxation is theft.
  • End the Fed.
  • Legalize all drugs.
  • No victim no crime.
  • Make fun of people who say “But who will build the roads?.” This is an effective and hilarious tactic because you know deep down that the private sector will be able to handle the roads. God, you are so funny.
  • Gun control is literally murder.
  • The free market will solve all problems.
  • Libertarianism is an objective and moral truth.
  • If somebody ends up leaving libertarianism, they were never a true libertarian in the first place because they must not have read Murray Rothbard. The words of Murray Rothbard will convert anybody to the one true objective truth.
  • The only good communist is a dead communist.
  • Socialism kills.
  • There is no such thing as a good cop.
  • We live in a police state.
  • But what if the child consents?

Closing the Debate

At the end of the day, you want people to do as they please as long as they are not directly hurting somebody. Your opponent obviously does not agree with this, however, so the last thing you need to do to ensure your victory is it call them “statist scum.” Statists are parasites that leech off others through the power of the state. Statists want to take away your freedoms and are the equivalent to Satan. Thus, make sure your opponent knows what kind of filth they are.

How to Win Any Argument as a Socialist


“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Repeat this phrase over and over in your head. Repeat it until that is all you can think about. These words will transcend your mind to an intellect never seen before. Let’s be honest here; you can’t just be a socialist. You have to go all the way and hit some more radical levels. Become an anarcho-communist, an anarcho-syndicalist, or even an anarcho-primitivist. Embrace more radical ideas than socialism. You are weak if you don’t. This is like when a libertarian is too afraid to become an anarcho-capitalist. Like seriously, stop being a wimp and just go full communist. Communism or nothing is what I like to say.

In the Debate

Things to mention in a debate:

  • Capitalism kills.
  • The world sucks because of capitalism.
  • Capitalism is quite literally the worst.
  • Real socialism has never been tried.
  • Scarcity is a hoax.
  • Antifa stands for anti-fascist, so they must be good and do no wrong.
  • Kill the 1%.
  • Israel deserves death.
  • Noam Chomsky’s word is the true word of God.
  • All cops are bastards.
  • Sex work is exploitation and is a direct result of capitalism.
  • Kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong.

Closing the Debate

The easiest way for you to win an argument here is to beat the living hell out of your opponent. You see this tactic with Antifa and kids on college campuses, and they always seem to face little to no repercussions. You can’t lose the argument if your hateful opponent is incapacitated.


The following subsections will show how you can beat unconventional political ideologies.

How to Beat a Fascist in an Argument

Look, if you can’t beat a fascist in an argument by yourself, then there is no hope for you. Just get out of politics and never look back.

How to Beat a Maoist/Stalinist in an Argument

Mao Zedong and Stalin both killed millions upon millions of people. Again, if you can’t win this argument, get out of politics. Losing here is almost as embarrassing as losing to a fascist.

How to beat an Anarcho-Primitivist in an Argument

Bring up the famed anarcho-primitivist, Ted Kaczynski. With that, your argument has been won. You’re welcome.

How to beat an Anarcho-Communist in an Argument

Tell these commies that anarchy and communism can’t go together. It is impossible. Communism=big government. Anarchy=no government. Therefore, anarcho-communism is an oxymoron. Congratulations, you just made an entire political ideology obsolete.

Guaranteed Victory

Sticking to the outline on how to win an argument while maintaining a specific political ideology as well as adhering to the framework on how to beat obscure ideologies, you will become unstoppable. There is not a single political argument that you can lose. This outline will work in every single circumstance. Want to run for president? I can guarantee that if you follow the steps I laid out for your debates, you will get at least 99% of the votes.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. Now you know how to obliterate and shatter anybody in an argument about politics. If there is one thing you can take away from this article, I want it to be this:  if you ever feel like you are losing an argument, cover your ears, call your opponent an idiot, and walk away. It works like a charm. It is a cheat code that works on every single argument, even non-political arguments. Now, go out there and destroy some idiots.

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