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Near Death Experience Illustration

Inevitable Death at the Hands of the Former

Young but aged-looking mental patient Jake Anderson is haunted by his belief in an evil Creator, but are any of his fears grounded in reality?

Painting of a deer in autumn wood

Grandma’s Painting

A reflection on art, memory and meaning, found through the discovery of a beautiful Harriet Harding painting of a deer in an autumn wood.

Measuring The True Quality Of Human Life

Objectively, things are generally better than ever. The problem is, life is by definition a subjective experience.

Nationalism Hurts Young Men Today. Here’s How

Nationalism gives a false sense of pride for accomplishments of the long-dead.

Creation Guides the World All the Way Down

Destruction is an illusion. Transformation is real.

Your “Rights” are Ultimately Meaningless

Rights are wrongfully objective and ultimately insignificant.

A True Libertarian Opposes Abortion

Abortion is antithetical to the idea of liberty

You Libertarians Benefit From the State!

Yes, Libertarians sometimes benefit from the state. This does not take away from the ideology

My Body, My Choice. Down to the Genes.

The government should not be regulating gene therapy.

America is Less Culturally Free than it Realizes

American culture is filled with violence, not freedom