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jack dorsey leads cryptocurrency into the future

Cryptocurrency is Taking the Next Step into the Mainstream

Jack Dorsey's Square patent may pave the way for great increases in the public's use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Is Not Dead

They Can't Kill The King

Cryptocurrency Payments May Return On Reddit

By Nick Hamilton | United States During an interview with Cheddar, Chris Stowe, the CTO of Reddit, asserted that Reddit hopes to bring back payments dealing with Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH). Reddit stopped accepting Bitcoin in March of this year, when the Coinbase Merchant Services were experiencing some technical difficulties and bugs. ...


Capital Gains is Hurting Cryptocurrency

Just how dangerous is the capital gains tax for the crypto market, and should this tax be abolished?

Human Body Heat is Being Harvested to Mine Cryptocurrency

A relatively new German  startup has been using the body heat of volunteers to mine cryptocurrencies in a project reminiscent of “The Matrix.”


Based God: John McAfee Owns The Blockchain

McAfee Doesn't Play By The Rules (And Neither Should You)

BITCOIN SETS NEW RECORD CRUSHING THROUGH $15,000 BARRIER, Cryptocurrency Nearly Doubles in One Month

Cryptocurrency is expanding and becoming more widely accepted every second.

Your Bitcoin Wallet May No Longer Be Private

The Feds, if they get their way, may just ruin a key aspect of cryptocurrencies.