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“Not Real Socialism” Is An Excuse for Bad Economics

The perspectives of Hayek and Hoppe can help us understand why the good will of socialism often leads to the demise of its citizens.

Labor Unions Destroyed the Sanctity of the Worker

Labor unions have become obsolete due to their tendency to destabilize the labor market and increase prices of goods.

Marx is Wrong About the Workers

Marx's characterization is not the reality of the situation. It is based on loaded language and misrepresentations of the market process.

This Could Be Worse Than the Cold War

To prevent such a terrifying occurrence as WWIII, communication needs to be restored between countries, and expansionism needs to cease in order to not press other countries towards retaliation.

How the State Stole the Minds of the Children

The state cares more about upholding public opinion of itself than actually educating children.

The Socialist Myth that is Late Stage Capitalism

Late Stage Capitalism is a myth that socialist thinkers have used to try to bring down the capitalist system.

Latin America: The Most Bizarre Political Landscape in the World

Something I noticed is how particularly unique the political landscape is in Latin America.

There And Back Again: My Journey From Marxism To Libertarianism, And Back To The Radical Center

The Long Strange Road Of Libertarianism Is One For All Of Us

Critiquing Marxism: The Role of Ideas in History

History is driven by ideas that are made by individuals. The Marxist position is in opposition to this idea, though.


Transnistria – The Country that Doesn’t Exist

The future of Transnistria is uncertain but many are looking forward instead of back to the past