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Maryland Sheriff: “We Will Not Comply” With Gun Control

Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

We Will Not Comply, a Maryland gun rights movement has sworn to exercise civil disobedience against any new gun control bills that may pass through the state legislature. The interesting aspect of this group is that Wicomico County Elected Sherrif Mike Lewis is a supporter.

“If these bills pass, we will not comply”

According to Sherrif Lewis in a speech to supporters seen in a video posted to YouTube, he also promises that his department will not enforce these laws if they pass.

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Maryland Shooting Proves Necessity of Armed Security

By Ryan Lau | Maryland

After the Parkland high school shooting left 17 students and teachers dead, America demanded change. All sides of the political spectrum gave their ideas as to how to protect our country and stop mass shootings. Generally, people made one, or both, of two main arguments. First, that the United States should implement stricter gun control in order to cut down on the number of shootings. Second, many suggested arming school staff so they can protect students in the event of an emergency.

This proposal, which President Trump endorses, has drawn a lot of backlash from the Democratic Party. Many Democrats oppose the very idea of putting guns in the same building as kids, for fear of more violence. “I disagree vehemently with putting guns with children”, said Florida State Rep. Evan Jenne of Hollywood. Many across the nation feel this same sentiment, fearing an unsafe environment. But this Tuesday, the concept of arming school employees proved to be critical in saving a number of lives.

Tuesday morning, an armed student entered Great Mills High School in Maryland. Before classes began, the student fired his weapon down a hall, hitting a girl and a boy, both students. Yet, immediately after, a School Resource Officer went after and killed the shooter. Simply put, this would not have been possible if that guard was not carrying a gun. Clearly, having armed security guards in the building has the potential to save lives.

Without a doubt, the presence of that armed guard saved the lives of several other students. As the shooting occurred before class, the hallways were full of students. In such a crowded environment, these students, without a form of defense, are sitting ducks. When only one student has a gun, and a clear mental issue, defense is necessary. Without a form of defense, more tragedies are inevitable.

During the armed guard’s pursuit of the shooter, a shootout ensued. Though police do not yet know exactly how many bullets the gunman fired, they are certain it was multiple. In fact, they are unsure which bullet struck and killed the gunman. The guard, who left the incident unharmed, became the new target for the shooter. He may have otherwise used some or all of them against his fellow students, teachers, or other staff.

Nobody can say for sure exactly what would have happened in this incident without the heroic actions of the guard. One thing is certain, however, and that is that in this case, a gun in a school saved lives. We must recognize that the safety of America’s children is on the line. Our future generation’s lives are on the line.

Of course, placing guns into American schools is not an easy concept to grasp. A mere twenty years ago, the idea would have been laughable. However, our society is changing very quickly. Though media does admittedly sensationalize some aspects of our mass shooting problem, there absolutely is a problem. One mass shooting or one school shooting is one too many.

Clearly, this solution will work. It worked today in Maryland. The similar concept of armed defense worked to prevent deaths in the recent Texas church shooting. We must recognize this truth, and not shy away from it any longer. Students are dying, and one is too many. Despite this, two injuries is a much more favorable outcome than the deaths that would have otherwise occurred. We must immediately, for the sake of American children, ensure more schools are armed with highly trained and armed guards.

Governor Larry Hogan’s Success

By Ryan Andrew | USA

After months of campaigning, the day finally arrived.  November 4th, 2014, otherwise known as election day in America.  There was no Presidential election taking place today, as that would, of course, happen two years later.  However, this was still a very important Election for millions of people all across the United States, especially in the state of Maryland, which was electing a new governor after eight years of Democrat Martin O’Malley at the helm.

This was a tough eight years for Maryland, who had one of the worst economies of all states, with the poverty rate jumping nearly 4% under O’Malley after dropping to 12.3% in the final year of Republican Bob Ehrlich’s term.  Between this and the high unemployment rate throughout the second term of the 2016 presidential candidate, the GOP was well set up to challenge the Democrats for control of Maryland in the 2014 election.

They certainly captured this opportunity by putting up successful businessman and former Maryland Secretary of Appointments, Larry Hogan.  Hogan ran the campaign on the promise that he would Change Maryland by cutting the income tax across the board and eliminating unnecessary taxes such as the Rain Tax implemented by Former Governor O’Malley. The rain tax was, simply put, “[an]annual fee on impervious surfaces such as roofs, driveways, sidewalks, garages, and any other surface that could create drainage problems and water contamination situated on property owned by an individual or a business.”  People believed that Anthony Brown who served as Lt. Governor from 2007-2015 would continue the same failed policies O’Malley and the Democrats had been forcing on them for eight years.  Despite this, Brown was still the heavy favorite going into election day, as one YouGov poll put him up 13 points over the Republican hopeful just two weeks before the election.

Little did Marylanders know that they were about to see one of the biggest upsets in Gubernatorial election history.  Hogan would go on to defeat Brown by a whopping 76,000 votes, which translated to a margin victory of 4.7%.  This showed that citizens were ready for change and that they thought Larry Hogan would be the one to bring it; and man, were they right!  Since taking control in 2015, The Hogan Administration has made Maryland an economic envy of all states throughout the U.S.  Additionally, the son of Former Congressman Larry Hogan Sr. has been an absolute champion for Maryland business through his first three years in office. He has followed through on his promises to slash taxes for the middle class and has consistently stood against any new forms of taxation.

  This has allowed Governor Hogan to garner an approval rating of 68%

according to one Morning Consult poll.  The same poll ranks him as the second most popular governor in the nation.  This article will explore the key things he has done to become arguably the most successful governor in Maryland’s history.

For one, Hogan has done something not many politicians do; he has followed through on promises made during (and after) campaign season.  Chances are, you can think of quite a few lies politicians have told on the campaign trail as it’s a tactic a lot of them use.  They tell the voters what they want to hear without any real intention of following through on it.  Thankfully, this is not something Marylanders are currently dealing with, as the current state administration has kept its promises to the people.  One of the key things Hogan promised throughout the campaign was to cut the tolls of the Bay Bridge, one of the most used bridges in the U.S.  This itself is said to have saved Maryland drivers millions of dollars each year.  Additionally, Larry Hogan stated repeatedly over his 2014 campaign that “our focus will be on jobs, middle-class families, and restoring the economy.”  

So far, the ambitious governor has played a key part in creating over 100,000 jobs, in just under three years, which is a phenomenal thing for middle-class Maryland citizens in addition to poorer communities throughout the state like Baltimore City or Allegany County.  Furthermore, Hogan vowed to repeal the Maryland Rain tax numerous times throughout the campaign, stating that this tax was “a mistake which needs to be corrected.”  Sure enough, one of the Governor’s first proposals into Annapolis was a bill that would repeal this tax just two weeks into his terms.  Overall, Larry Hogan and his campaign team have proved time after time that he is ready to deliver on promises made to the Maryland public.

Secondly, one of the things that Marylanders love so much about the Hogan administration is their ability to remain bi-partisan, consulting both sides before making a final decision.  This is the only way a Republican governor in the heavily liberal state of Maryland could maintain a consistently high approval rating like Hogan has.  Nearly everything the current administration has accomplished has been because of its constant willingness to work across the aisle.  This can be seen in Hogan’s recent attempt to work with both Democrats and Republicans on finding a fix for the current opioid drug epidemic which is hitting Maryland hard.  More than 1,600 people died from heroin and prescription opioid drug-related deaths in 2016, which is nearly double the amount reported in 2010.  The Governor has worked to set up the Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force which works to educate the public about the dangers of these drugs which hopefully will help prevent future drug-related deaths.  This type of a program would not be possible if Hogan was not willing to work with Democrats, as it is partly up to each of the counties to carry out and expand on what the Governor’s team has worked so hard to set up.  To sum up, Hogan has been ready and willing to work in a bi-partisan manner to Change Maryland, which is a big reason he is so popular.

One final explanation for why Governor Hogan is so highly approved by the public is the fact that he truly has changed the economy for the better.  Since Hogan got into office, the unemployment rate has been nearly cut in half.  In 2014 about 6%% of people were unemployed, now that number is around 3.8%, the lowest it’s been in nearly a decade.  In addition, according to a Department of Numbers report, Maryland has added 88,000 jobs in 2017 alone.  This number is set to increase tremendously in upcoming years, as many companies have been announcing new projects in Maryland that could potentially bring thousands of jobs with them.  For example, Amazon recently announced plans to build a new fulfillment center, the fourth in Maryland which will produce about 1,500 new jobs.  This all shows just how great Larry Hogan’s economic policies have been for the working-class in Maryland.

In conclusion, Larry Hogan has had great success through his first three years as governor.  His commitment to the people, willing to work in a bi-partisan manner and the strong economic growth taking place are three reasons why he is so liked by nearly 70% of Marylanders.  Think about this; If he continues Changing Maryland at this rate, will he be able to become the first Republican Governor to win reelection in Maryland since 1959?





New Law Allows Searches of DC, Virginia, Maryland Homes Without A Warrant

By Max Bibeau | USA


A new bill was passed by Congress and was signed into law by President Trump on August 22nd that compromises homeowner’s right to privacy in certain parts of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

The law in question is a simple law regarding the foundation of a Metrorail Safety Commission. The bill cites the millions of people “the safety of whom is paramount” as the primary reason for the creation of a new Commission. The commission would have basic oversight over the Metrorail, to ensure that it meets safety standards.

One clause buried in the seemingly harmless legislation appears to be some cause for concern. The clause lies under the “Powers” section of the bill, and reads:

“(b) Enter upon the WMATA Rail System and, upon reasonable notice and a finding by the chief executive officer that a need exists, upon any lands, waters, and premises adjacent to the WMATA Rail System, including, without limitation, property owned or occupied by the federal government, for the purpose of making inspections, investigations, examinations, and testing as the Commission may deem necessary to carry out the purposes of this MSC Compact, and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass. The Commission shall make reasonable reimbursement for any actual damage resulting to any such adjacent lands, waters, and premises as a result of such activities;”

Essentially, any homes that the chief executive officer of the Commission deems that a “need exists” anywhere near the Rail System, can be warrantlessly searched. This power is given to the commission “without limitations,” and can be used “as the Commission may deem necessary.” This vague phrasing is leaving a few representatives in shock, such as a Republican Representative from Michigan, Justin Amash. Amash took to Twitter to express his shock.

In the vote held on whether or not to pass the legislation, 399 Representatives voted yea. Only 5 voted nay. 1.1% of House Representatives voted against the piece of legislation. Those who voted nay were Representatives Amash, Jones, Massie, Mooney, and Sanford, all of whom are Republicans.

You can read the full text of the bill HERE.

You can find more information on the Congressional Vote HERE.

Max Bibeau is a Senior Editor for 71 Republic. You can contact him through email at [email protected], or follow him on Instagram with the handle @_maxbibeau.