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What Really Motivates the Media?

When obtaining information from news media outlets, audiences must approach stories with skepticism to sort bias from fact.

Supreme Court to Solve Free Speech v. Private Corporation Debate

By Mason Mohon | United States Brett Kavanaugh's turbulent entrance into the Supreme Court will first be met with a potentially groundbreaking free speech case. The case is that of Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, No. 17-702. As CNBC reports, this case centers around whether a private operator of a public access television network is ...

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President Trump’s Dangerous War on the Media

The president's media war has already been used as a tool for inciting violence and suppressing fair and deserved criticism.

The Leonard Peltier Freedom Ride

A group of riders rode out from Mankato, Minnesota, planning to arrive at Coleman prison Florida to protest the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier.

President Trump, Take Away CNN’s White House Press Pass

Jim Acosta's disrespect is representative of CNN as a whole, a network that simply does not deserve their White House Press Pass.

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43% of Republicans Think Trump Should Control the Media

A shockingly large number of Republicans support limitations on media free speech, including Trump's right to shut down companies.

Daniel McAdams before his suspension from Twitter

Twitter Suspends Scott Horton, Daniel McAdams, and Peter van Buren

Following the removal of Alex Jones from multiple media platforms, Twitter has suspended the accounts of three libertarian figures.

Why The Coordinated Removal Of Alex Jones Should Have Us All Worried

Free speech was meant for the lunatics as well as the poets. 

Heavy Elitism Created Trump and a Movement of Populism

Right populism is on the rise, and it is largely because of elitism in the media.

The Decay of Independent Thought to Bleakness

What is left of humanity, when minds are free of independent thought?