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Confirming Kavanaugh is Republicans’ Duty

The GOP must recognize the political and unbased nature of the allegations and confirm Judge Kavanaugh in order to win big in the 2018 midterms.

Kavanaugh family and Trump

Quick Thoughts on the Kavanaugh Allegations

The Brett Kavanaugh allegations are most likely at least partially true, but the timing and release suggests a desire to play party politics.

The Tragic Final Chapter of Anthony Bourdain

'Parts Unknown' chef's last days were chaotic

Bill Clinton Couldn’t Get Elected Today Because He’s A Sexual Predator

The Former President Forgets His Own Legacy Of Lies And Harassment


Why the #MeToo Movement is a Sham

The new popular movement targets the innocent and skews justice.

71 Republic Person of the Year: Kim Jong Un

From a sharp yet silent tension to nuclear posturing: How one man has brought the future of international defense and cooperation to the Korean peninsula.