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These 4 States Could Legalize Marijuana this November

Ballot initiatives on midterm ballots in 4 states could legalize marijuana to various degrees.

Chairman Of The Damned: Matt Kuehnel Talks Libertarian Socialism

A discussion with one of the most controversial members of the Libertarian Party

Lena Epstein

Lena Epstein Wins Michigan Republican Primary

Lena Epstein, of Michigan's 11th House District, has safely defeated her primary opponents in an area that leaned blue in 2016.

Haley Stevens Wins Michigan Democratic Primary

Haley Stevens is likely to become the Democratic nominee for Michigan's House District 11.

LIVE COVERAGE: Michigan’s 11th House District

Tonight determines who moves on into a contested general election for Michigan's 11th House District.

Police Want to Question Former Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate

Jeff Wood is being searched for by local police for controversial social media comments he has made.

Arm The Homeless Was A Meme Until It Happened

Libertarian Senate Candidate Makes Good On His Campaign Promise