President Mike Pence? Liberals Have Lost Their Minds

Vice President Mike Pence
Spencer Kellogg Neale | @Spencer_Kellogg

Nevermind how it came to this, here we are: President Mike Pence. The words cut through the mouth like sawdust or jagged glass.

That Mike Pence

Trump derangement syndrome has officially reached its explosive zenith—many liberals are now clamoring for Mike Pence, one of the most socially conservative and rigidly religious men in America, to hold our highest office.

This is the same Mike Pence, who as governor of Indiana signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country. It’s the same Mike Pence who made it legal for Indiana businesses to discriminate against LGBT+ customers on the shaky grounds of ‘religious freedom’. That Mike Pence would be forced to amend the legislation only a week later after a nationwide backlash threatened the economic security of the state.

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Nuclear Sub On Fire: Pence, Putin in Emergency Meetings

putin pence handshake russian nuclear sub
Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

Reports from early Tuesday afternoon (EDT) show 14 sailors dead after a Russian nuclear sub caught fire. Russian media detailed that inhaling combustion products led to the deaths of those 14 aboard the vessel.

Thankfully, the remaining passengers were able to put out the fire on the boat, which media has reported was somewhere off of Russia’s northern coast. But shortly after, both Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence have seen their scheduled events canceled suddenly, both rushing to their respective capital cities for meetings.

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Mike Pence Doesn’t Hate Buttigieg or the LGBT Community

Jack Shields | @Jack_Shields20

Vice President Mike Pence is an evil man. He hates gay people. Pence cannot fathom that two consenting adults who love each other should be left alone. He wants to force conversion therapy upon innocent gay children. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any worse, we examine Mike Pence’s opinions towards women. He clearly hates them too. He sees A Handmaid’s Tell as the gold standard, not a dystopia.  He won’t even be alone with women who aren’t his wife! This is obviously a man who hates gays, women, and probably minorities. After all, he likes President Trump.

This is the usual opinion held concerning Mike Pence of those who consider themselves Democrats. We are seeing Mayor Pete Buttigieg claim that, because he is gay, Mike Pence hates him and wants to take his rights away.

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