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Minimum Wage Raises Are Causing Price Hikes – Just As Expected

The minimum wage leads to a surplus of low-skilled workers who cannot sell their time because the government mandated that they cannot reach a voluntary agreement with their employer.

These 4 States Could Legalize Marijuana this November

Ballot initiatives on midterm ballots in 4 states could legalize marijuana to various degrees.

Working-class men

Josh Hawley’s Wage Plan will Cripple the Working Class

Missouri GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley recently proposed a disastrous "work credit" wage plan that will deeply hurt the working class.

Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen Should Run For Chair of The Libertarian Party

The Missourian Could Take The Party In A Bold Direction

Prop A: Missourians Vote Against Proposition A

Missouri Proposition A is defeated.

Josh Hawley Takes Missouri GOP Primary

Josh Hawley has won the Missouri GOP primary.

LIVE COVERAGE: Missouri Republican Senate Primary Election

Tonight is the night of the primaries for the Senate race in Missouri to determine who’ll be the Republican and Democratic nominees in November.

These Five Senate Races Will Make or Break the Blue Wave

As we get closer to November 6th, key races that will be necessary victories if the Democrats are to win back the Senate majority are beginning to emerge.

Caller: Josh Hawley Made Neighbor Remove Petersen Sign

After a neighbor put out an Austin Petersen yard sign, Josh Hawley came to the door with a neighborhood contract, stating that it must go.

Austin Petersen Is Bitcoin’s Best Chance In Congress

Senate candidate Austin Petersen continues to embrace cryptocurrency ahead of hotly contested primary.