Tag: Morals

The Importance of the Individual in Life

Throughout time, the individual has been represented and portrayed positively in mythology and the real world, showing its importance in life.

Does Political Integrity Exist in American Politics?

Integrity is a value greatly lacking in our political figures today, as they have abandoned it, and their principles, to better themselves and gain power.

The Leonard Peltier Freedom Ride

A group of riders rode out from Mankato, Minnesota, planning to arrive at Coleman prison Florida to protest the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier.

Jesus at the Last Supper.

No, Jesus Was Not a Socialist

Despite what many believe, Jesus was not a socialist, as socialism requires coercion, which Jesus universally opposes.

Motivation Matters

Ethics isn’t just about actions and their consequences.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Should be Eating at The Little Red Hen

Though The Little Red Hen had a right to refuse to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it showed a lack of moral judgement.

Part I – Humans and Animals: Defining Moral, Ethic, and Humane

Humans are not “equal” to other species of animals, especially not under the law.  

The Paradox of Abortion: Liberty or Duty?

Abortion pits freedom against societal duty.

Psychologist Steven Pinker Thinks Libertarianism Won’t Work Because “People Like Social Spending”

Steven Pinker, the author of new book Enlightenment Now, starred in a video by Big Think on Wednesday titled "Why libertarianism is a marginal idea and not a universal value."

The State Against The Family

The family unit is under attack by the state, but it can also be used as a line of defense.