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The Beast: An Anti-War Poem

An original free-verse poem reflecting on the inhumanity of war, which the State often creates, inadvertently or otherwise.

Collectivism Targets the Weak

Collectivist ideologies destroy the sanctity of the individual and appeal to the weak, who seek to use government as an apparatus for their own betterment.

Arlington National Cemetery

Does the Government Actually Keep You Safe?

The democratic state and its politicians, in an attempt to make you safe, embody the very injustice they nominally oppose: murder.

Border patrol car

Texas Border Patrol Agent Juan Ortiz Charged with Murders

Following the deaths of four women in Texas, police have arrested border patrol officer Juan Ortiz on the grounds of murder and assault.

Several Shooting Deaths Reported at Madden 19 Tournament in Jacksonville

Several deaths have been reported after an attacker opened fire at a Madden 19 Tournament event in Jacksonville, Florida Sunday afternoon.

The Leonard Peltier Freedom Ride

A group of riders rode out from Mankato, Minnesota, planning to arrive at Coleman prison Florida to protest the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier.

What The Alfie Evans Case Taught Us About the Second Amendment

The Alfie Evans case shows the importance of the Second Amendment

America is Less Culturally Free than it Realizes

American culture is filled with violence, not freedom


LA Teen Anthony “AJ” Weber Was Murdered By Cops Because He Was Black

No Evidence Found In Murder Of LA Child By Cops

Want to Stop the Next Mass Shooting? Arm More People.

Good people will change this world, not more gun regulations.