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The Danger of Giving a Good Man Power

Allowing people to expand the scope and extent of the power of their office leaves it forever changed so that preserving liberty is nearly impossible.

Freedom of Speech Upheld in Face of ‘Nazi Salute’ Backlash

A school is defending the free speech rights of a group of boys pictured doing what many claim is a Nazi salute in a prom picture posted to Twitter.

A True Immigration Solution

The libertarian proposal for immigration reform of ending the welfare state and opening the borders is far more practical than what either side has offered.

Pathetic Barbarism and Bolshevism in the Streets of Portland

Gangsters Invade City To Battle Over Nothing

Radicalization and Terrorism are Mostly Useless Words

Many words used by media have little intrinsic meaning.

Newnan, Georgia Residents Prepare for a Possible Neo-Nazi Rally

A city in Georgia is preparing for a possible conflict involving Neo-Nazis.

Our Intellectuals Aren’t Ready For Jordan Peterson

New ideas turn a society around, and that is what Dr. Peterson brings to the table.

The Fight for Speech is a Fight for Liberty

Free speech is critical to the survival of liberty and individuality, both in the west and worldwide.

The Stupidity of Politicizing Video Games

Games such as the recent Wolfenstein II shouldn't be politicized. Games are meant to be fun, and politics don't fit that trend.

The Sick Racism of The New York Times

Racism is an issue in America, and pitting yourself against the other side is not going to fix it.