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Donald Trump Pulls a Ron Paul with North Korea

How crazy is it that President Trump is now the subject of conversation relating to the Nobel Peace Prize because he's considering a non-interventionist policy.

North Korea: Dead in the Water

Is Peace in the Korean Peninsula Even Possible?

What Would Happen if a Missile Really Went for Hawaii?

Hawaii recently had a false alarm, but what would happen if it wasn't a fluke?

North Korea Accepts Peace Negotiation

After 2 years of silence between the two Koreas, this newfound communication could ease tensions between the North and the South.

What Should the U.S. do About North Korea?

The current US strategy to counter North Korea is highly ineffective and very dangerous.

Rocket Man and Agent Orange Should Find a New Playground

These two world leaders need to leave their pettiness on the playground, preferably not one with millions of children and adults. 

North Korea Should Be Treated Better

The U.S. treatment of North Korea is promoting fear mongering and only making a dangerous problem worse.

Japan is Strengthening its Defense Arsenal Amid North Korean Weapon Tests

As DPRK tests weapons, the Japanese Defense Ministry takes precautions.

71 Republic Person of the Year: Kim Jong Un

From a sharp yet silent tension to nuclear posturing: How one man has brought the future of international defense and cooperation to the Korean peninsula.

Why War With North Korea Simply Won’t Happen

71 Republic Reporter Griffen Smith explains why nuclear war, especially with North Korea, is an extremely unlikely possibility.