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You Can Thank President James Polk for This Nation

John Keller | @keller4liberty

James K. Polk, the 11th President of the United States, mastered the art of diplomacy and foreign policy. Polk successfully used diplomacy to situate the United States as the dominant power in North America by securing the northern border with the British Empire as well as engineering a war with Mexico to acquire the American southwest.

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Oppressive Gun Bills in the Oregon State Legislature

Thomas DiGennaro | @tom.digennaro

OR SB 501 is still currently circling around in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This Oregon gun bill, nicknamed the “Oregon Gunpocalypse”, imposes ridiculous restraints on legal gun owners. OR SB 978 is also gaining traction in the State Senate. OR HB 3223 is in the House Judiciary Committee as well. Clearly, someone ignorant on the subject of firearms drafted these bills. High School students, “Students for Change”, drafted OR SB 501, which State Senator Robert Wagner proposed. Apparently drafting gun bills when you know nothing about guns is a trend in Oregon.

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Oregon Enacts First Bill of Authorized Rent Control

 Dane Larsen | @_danebailey

The state of Oregon is working to mandate particular forms of rent control. This includes a cap on annual rent increase, and provide residential protection to citizens. The rent control bill passed the Oregon state Senate vote on February 12th and the House vote on February 26th. It will now be passed on to Governor Kate Brown (D), who has already expressed her support for SB 608.

“I look forward to signing the bill into law,” -Governor Brown

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Proposed Oregon Gun Bill: Ineffective and Oppressive

Thomas DiGennaro | United States

OR SB 501 is working its way through the state legislature. Originally proposed by Democrat State Senator Robert Wagner, it has the potential to severely diminish the rights of Oregon gun owners. Before it got to Wagner’s desk, a group of activists Students for Change drafted the Oregon gun bill.

Apparently, a group of college kids who know next to nothing about firearms is definitely qualified to draft legislation that affects over 1,000,000 gun owners. If the bill passes, citizens will face stricter regulation than even Connecticutians or Californians. When the two states with the strictest gun laws are in there for comparison, you know it’s serious.

What OR SB 501 Entails

  • Bans magazines/weapons with a capacity of over 5 rounds
  • Limits ammunition purchases to 20 rounds per month
  • Mandates a permit for any firearm purchase (regardless of firearm class)
  • Mandates background checks on ammunition
  • Implements 14-day waiting periods on firearm purchases

The Firearms Policy Coalition has included this Oregon gun bill, and countless others, on their take action page, where you can contact your representatives to oppose this legislation.

Even New York has a 10 round magazine capacity, does not require a permit for rifle or shotgun purchases, and has neither limits nor background checks on ammunition purchases. This is the state with the world’s biggest city and some of the strictest gun laws in the country. However, these measures would have Oregon far surpass the Empire State.

The Oregon Gun Bill: Ineffective Measures

Clearly, these proposals egregiously violate the most basic rights of gun owners. They also make owning a firearm for legitimate purposes very inconvenient. Obviously, the five-round capacity is outrageous. This would force gun owners to turn in or destroy common, legally owned six-round revolvers, remarked Republican Oregon Representative Bill Post.

Moreover, limiting the purchase of ammunition to 20 rounds per month would interfere with individuals who wish to engage in basic target shooting or hunting. Without a doubt, most gun owners go through more than that in just one hour at a range.

A 14-day waiting period could endanger those seeking a firearm for their own self-protection. In many cases, individuals desire a gun when they or their families may be in danger. 14 days is plenty of time for an aggressor to mount an attack on an unarmed defendant.

I shouldn’t have to explain why background checks for ammunition are ludicrous. Background checks for firearms are already in place.

Stay in Your Lane

Not only is the proposal repressive towards basic sporting, hunting, and self-defense, it also will be largely ineffective in deterring crime and mass shootings. These measures would partially disarm legal gun owners.

However, they would have little to no impact on the illegally-owned firearms in circulation. If you cap magazines at five rounds and ammo purchases at 20 rounds per month, law-abiding citizens will have inadequate arms and munitions to defend themselves from those who operate on the outside of righteousness.

This attempt to find a solution to gun violence is an absolute blunder. It is a prime example of why those ignorant on the subject should not be involved in the legislative process.

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We’re Gonna Die: How Oregon’s ‘Gas Crisis’ Shows the Psychological Trap of Government Intervention

By Mason Mohon | OREGON

The world is ending, or at least it is in Oregon. Since 1951, Oregon law has mandated that all gas stations have attendants working there to fill up gas on behalf of drivers. 

The intent of this law was to boost employment. Ever since it was made known that rural towns within Oregon would no longer have to abide by this law, all hell broke loose. Oregonians are afraid, and this “fear” shows an all too real issue in American society today: People have become attached to the state, so much so that they cannot bear to see life without it.

First, the situation within Oregon must be analyzed. As NPR reports, “As of Jan. 1, gas stations in counties with a population of less than 40,000 are permitted to offer self-service. While the change in the law is expected to affect a small number of people, Oregonians took to social media to express their discontent.” This discontent was great indeed and echoed what I would see in a post from The Onion. NPR went on to say “The responses to a now-viral Facebook post by a local TV station ranged from concerns about smelling like gasoline to being attacked by drifters lurking around stations. Some said they didn’t even know how to pump gas.”

Yes, these Oregonians are this scared and are this fearful of gas. As somebody who lives in Texas and pumps his own gas, I can confirm that pumping gas does not make you smell like anything.

This hysteria has raised a dangerous issue – once the government intervenes, people cannot even imagine life without it. A classic thought experiment free-market economics professors like to do is telling the student to imagine if the state were to nationalize t-shirt or sneaker productions. Most likely we wouldn’t be able to imagine life without it. The ones who do, though, are what Bastiat called the “good economists,” who were those that saw what was unseeable to the layman.

Oregonians were dependent on this regulation, and they are so scared of life without it that it has turned them into a national joke. This government dependent attitude is not new, though. Recently, taxes were cut, Obamacare was nearly destroyed, and net neutrality was repealed. People got so afraid of every single one of these actions in every end of the political spectrum. People couldn’t imagine the internet functioning without government regulation, nor could they imagine the rich paying fewer dollars in taxes or even being responsible for your own health.

This is a dangerous psychological threat to people everywhere. We cannot sit by and expect the state to do everything for us, because what if something goes wrong one day? What if the state collapses, shuts down, or misallocates resources? You’ve been so dependent on it that you will be helpless without it. People become dependent on the state, so they give it more power. The people in charge live off the dependent backs of the masses, and nobody will ever question. This is the danger of a lack of personal responsibility – when you become dependent on a person or organization, they can now control you.

Thankfully, Oregonians may discover a nice law of the free market. Chances are, they are going to discover that the market serves demand. Although there may not be much competition in rural areas, the stations that have servicemen filling up your car for you will probably have a competitive edge on other stations. Either way, though, this will probably cause Oregonians who do not see a continuation in served gas will both learn how to do a very easy task that they will have to do anytime out of the state and save a few dollars.

We must be incredibly wary when advocating for government involvement in any market, ever, for its damages can be detrimental to masses of individuals and society as a whole. The term “sheep” tends to be a bit of a cliche, but when it comes to being dependent, it definitely applies. Men are responsible. Sheep are dependent.