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Pepe the Frog Meme Leads Folsom Lake to Call Police

Jack Parkos | @j.ackp

Students at Folsom Lake College were fearful on Wednesday when a flyer featuring the meme “Pepe the Frog” was shown on campus. The school reported that they called the police to search the campus.

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PepeDapp is Reminding Us All Why We Love Crypto

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

When the meme fields of Twitter have burnt into a million smoldering ashes and the #BTFD armies are vanished like ghosts in the wind: PepeDapp. When the #HODL gang stops hodling & Warren Buffet summons the monster FUD: PepeDapp. When an OCN shiller dumps all over your wife’s life savings 15 mins before “big news” and Ether’s price is going to hell in a knock-off centralized Prada handbasket: PepeDapp.

Pepe is forever. Pepe cannot be stopped. He has become one of the most well-known visual representations of chaos in the history of the modern world and his legion continues to grow. While the mainstream media has pointed to Pepe as an Alt-Right symbol of hate, the cartoon frog has been used for its absurdist humor and ancient symbolism in many different subcultures. This brings us to Pepe’s latest community incarnation: PepeDapp.

At its core, PepeDapp is simply a platform for buying and selling minted pepe cards on the Ethereum network. While many speculate on the radical changes that blockchain tech will bring to our financial and infrastructure models, it is in collectibles that the Ethereum network has gained physical traction in its young age.

The smash hit CryptoKitties and its copycat Tron platform collectible TronDogs have proven an appetite for gaming and trading in the crypto community. Building off this space, PepeDapp is a fun, free form art outlet for some of Twitter’s biggest names in crypto. Featuring inside jokes and comical renderings of some the communities greatest boondoggles and celebrities, PepeDapp is an archive of all that is beautiful and sadistic in the cryptosphere.

For all the “moon” hype surrounding blockchain companies, PepeDapp is a here and now project that successfully uses the technology in a robust and appealing manner. While some cryptos tout connecting entire nations in a web of Big Data, PepeDapp is connecting individual users through a tried and tested genre of art meets humor.

Users have responded positively with many of the first generation cards trading for thousands of dollars. A combination of ingenuity and Twitter OG status have allowed the project to explode in popularity and vision. The cards are drawn by @CryptoDrawz and much of the marketing has been done by @CryptoRandyMarsh & @FrogWest. The official Twitter handle @PepeDapp already boasts nearly 3,000 followers and their telegram page has rocketed to close to 2,000 active members in less than a month.


As with many projects in this space, high volatility in price and use case is expected. There is no game for users to battle their cards with at the moment and the value of each card is highly speculative. However, what isn’t speculative is the absolute & unbridled joy that Pepe brings to the crypto community.

For more information on the project, check out this wonderful write up on the ideas and vision for the future of PepeDapp:

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