Spain Jails Catalan Leaders Amid Protests

spain catalan leaders
Carlos Hermosillo | @broofbros1

Spain’s Supreme Court ruled on Monday that nine leaders of the Catalan independence movement are to serve between nine to thirteen years in jail.  The sentence was due to their involvement in a 2017 referendum, later ruled illegal, that was an attempt at gaining independence from Spain.

Catalonia’s former regional president, Carles Puigdemont, is still on the run from Spanish authorities who have issued a new warrant for his arrest.

After the jail sentences were announced, the protesters led by the group called Tsunami Democratic were reinvigorated and began mass-targeting key locations. Train tracks that connect Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital, to France were blocked by tires, and the Barcelona International Airport experienced delays and the cancellation of more than 100 flights.

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Who is Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, the Man Behind Iraq’s Deadly Protests?

Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi
Dane Larsen | @dblarsen12

Amidst the Impeachment Inquiry initiated by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the vicious fight for the Democratic Nomination, a deadly protest has emerged in Iraq regarding the actions of the government against Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi. A humanitarian disaster is occurring in Iraq due to the government’s handling of anti-corruption protests.

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Live PD Exposes the Unjust Reality of Policing

Benjamin Olsen | @benpleasestop

As I sat down after work, I turned on the TV to the popular show Live PD. While I continued to watch, I counted off the violations of civil liberties and noticed the unjust reality of policing. The first thing I tuned into was a stop and search. The man’s crime? Not having lights on his bicycle. Biking in the dark without lights, while dangerous, is not against the law in his jurisdiction. In fact, after invading his privacy by patting him down, the officer let him go. Camera crews broadcasted this man’s face nationwide and violated his privacy. The man’s story remains unknown, but at least the nation got their thrill from seeing someone pulled over.

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Is ShotSpotter Expanding the Police State?

shotspotter, survelliance, detection, audio sensors, police state
Thomas DiGennaro | @DiGennaroTom

For the past decade or so, Police Departments across the country have been implementing new forms gunfire locating technology. ShotSpotter is the primary developer of these technologies. In many urban areas, Police Departments are setting up audio sensors capable of pinpointing the sound of gunfire. They typically place about 15 to 25 of these per square mile. They are “always listening” type devices that start recording once they detect a gunshot. The technology filters out background noise and uses an algorithm to determine what soundwaves could potentially be a gunshot.

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Is Alabama Embracing Private Police?

Alabama Private Police
Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Are private police on the rise down in the deep south? In Alabama, it’s a possibility. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey recently signed legislation allowing Briarwood Presbyterian Church to establish its own private police force. While this may not be a full embrace of non-government policing state-wide, it sets a substantial precedent for the state of Alabama and private security.

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