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Asheville Police Officers Beat and Tase a Man for Jaywalking

Asheville police have demonstrated the monstrosity that is the enforcement of unjust laws.


Baltimore Cops Busted for Planting Fake Guns

Within the past two weeks, the Baltimore judicial system has been quite busy, to say the least.

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Cop?

For a cop's job to be positive to society, one would have to agree with every single law passed in America.

Police Brutality and Minority Struggle: Ending the Blame Game

Ghetto culture tends to be the issue in minority communities, not the police.

27-Year-Old Killed in Call of Duty Prank by Police

A "swatting" prank on a Call of Duty player resulted in a fatal police shooting.

The Police Aren’t Here to Protect

The land of the free houses excess of a million law enforcement officers. It is a myth that they're here to protect.

The Correct Way to Legalize Drugs

There is a right way to go about fixing the war on drugs. This is it.

The Deep-Seated Flaws of American Police Policy

American police policy is not effective. Here's why.


The Illegal War on Drugs

The regulation of controlled substances within state boundaries is well outside the realm of federal authority


Trump Reverses Executive Order, Increasing Police Militarization

By Mason Mohon | USA In 2015, former president Barack Obama issued an executive order that prohibited the transfer of military equipment, including armored vehicles, grenade launchers, and high caliber weapons from falling into the hands of state and local police forces. He did this in response to the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, because he ...