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Police Brutality Kills 10x More People than Mass Shootings

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

In today’s America, mass shootings are a very unfortunate reality. Each event a tragic stain on our history, it can be difficult to fathom exactly how to solve the problem. A pattern follows, and the country begins a discussion of solutions involving gun control, which some empirical data suggests will not work. Even then, however, we’re missing a critical cause of American deaths that kills even more people than mass shootings do: police brutality.

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Is Police Brutality Coming From a Bad Night’s Sleep?

Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Whether you back the blue or think all cops smell like bacon, you probably agree that there is a time for violence and a time for non-violence. Across the developed world, there is a problem with police brutality. Officers are able to get away with horrendous crimes with termination, and sometimes rarely even that. The issue of police brutality transcends the borders of any one nation, and one of the causes may be a lack of sleep.

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How Far Will Government Go to Try to Reduce Gun Violence?

By Casey Ward | United States

These days there are more states than ever adopting arbitrary gun laws. Essentially, these only make people feel better, rather than actually saving any lives. Amidst all the discussion, one thing is missing. How far are gun control advocates willing to go to enforce these laws?

To fuel the discussion with those willing to create more legislation:

  1. Do you support gun control and how much?
  2. What is the purpose of gun control?
  3. How do you think that those weapons would be confiscated?
  4. How many out of the 55,000,000 gun owners are you willing to kill in order to enforce these laws? 

When answering the first question, most will say assault weapons are bad without even defining what an assault weapon is. The problem here is that when given vague wording, it is on purpose to slip in more restrictions without contest. The average restrictions supporter would describe an assault weapon as “full auto” even though full auto is next to impossible to get right now, so unless you have $10,000+ just for stamps and other legal fees.

The next most common restriction is bump stocks.  Then, there are mental health and the terror watch-list restrictions. In both of these, many harmless individuals are listed due to a false positive in the system. It is also worth noting that poor mental health does not mean someone is violent. Depression and anxiety are the two largest mental illnesses in America, yet seldom cause violence towards others. Still further are laws regarding those with restraining orders Mental health, the terror watch list, and restraining orders completely violate due process, effectively making them guilty until proven innocent.

In response to the second, question gun control advocates will likely claim restrictions are to reduce gun violence. Along with all of the school shootings in today’s media, there is also some conjured up belief that banning guns will magically make kids stop killing each other. This simple is not the case. Using Australia as a counterexample, it is clear that violent crime does not fall when the state creates more laws. 

Typically, the proposed method to confiscate these guns is through some sort of voluntary buy-back. However, if it fails, policemen with guns will have to fill the role of enforcer. People will not just hand over their weapons, as proven in New Jersey, Denver, and Massachusetts. Sending the police to someone’s home is considered attempted murder, but where is the line? Is it only attempted murder when kids online do it Does it count when adults proclaim something illegal and beg armed killers to do their dirty work?

Surely, many are willing to use gun violence to stop gun violence. Thus, the veracity of trying to stop gun violence goes out the window. Though this is perhaps the most ironic instance of police coercion, it is far from the only one. Every new law requires an increase in coercion to enforce it. Ask these questions and see, is it really worth the lives that will inevitably be lost?

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The Left’s Contradictions on Gun Control

By Will Arthur | USA

One of the few issues dividing the economic left and right today is their respective views on gun control. Generally, Republicans and conservatives support and respect a citizen’s right to own a firearm to a greater degree. However, Democrats and liberals are more likely to fight for gun control, believing it would bring safety to our nation. They claim this safety as more important than the freedom it restricts. Despite this claim, there are serious contradictions with who the left thinks should own and control firearms.

Far too often, citizens are shot, tazed, brutally injured, or even killed by police officers. The vast majority of the time, these acts are wrongful, but courts rarely deem them as such. Frequently,  the officer in question receives no trial at all, let alone an adequate punishment. When these awful events occur, Democrats are often keen on pointing out cases of police brutality. Perhaps most famously, they spoke out against such police violence at their 2016 National Convention.

However, what makes these protests interesting is that the same ideology supports gun control, enforced by the U.S. police. As a Pew Research poll shows Democrats are more likely to lack confidence in the police force, it seems rather strange that they are willing to place the dangerous and complex issue of gun control into the hands of the police. When enforcing gun control, protests and lack of compliance may cause more conflict, injury, and death. So, why then, do Democrats oppose preventable violence in one area but not another?

Yet, Democrats’ desire for a police force that they often protest to enforce gun control is not the only contradiction. If police enforced gun control, Democrats would have to put full trust into the police force not to abuse this given power. If the state stopped citizens from buying certain guns, this would not eliminate them. Instead, state funded groups like the military, FBI, CIA, and the police would be the only ones with them. This transfer of ownership of firearms would create huge differences in power between the people and government.

Essentially, Democrats are protesting one part of our government. Yet, as soon as they would like a law enforced, they turn to this same group of people. They have no problem giving power to the same group they accuse of committing murder. This shows how fast some Democrats will go back on their word. Any supporters of gun control should know this. Gun control is not anti-gun; rather, it is simply giving the guns to a corruptible police force.

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