Tag: Political Correctness

Democracy Is Infuriating. Stop Taking It Personally

Pulling the United States back from the brink means those living in the “home of the brave” will need to develop a thicker skin.

Weld Didn’t Endorse Hillary, Did He?

Did Bill Weld sell out to the Democrats or stand for the Libertarian message to the very end?

Kevin Williamson and the Perils of Brute Reason

Standing up to the real sacred cows of today takes guts.

Authoritarianism in the UK: Britain First Leaders Jailed For Hate Crimes

An Orwellian Nightmare Is Fueling The Rise Of Far-Right Groups Across Europe

Just Say Merry Christmas; Why Political Correctness is Toxic

Just say Merry Christmas, you’re not offending anyone. Also, give up on political correctness in general.