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Kavanaugh family and Trump

Quick Thoughts on the Kavanaugh Allegations

The Brett Kavanaugh allegations are most likely at least partially true, but the timing and release suggests a desire to play party politics.

“The Once And Future Liberal”-How Does the Left Move Forward?

Mark Lilla provides the left with a way forward, but will they take it?

Meeting of Waters, Brazil

Democrats’ and Republicans’ Morals Prevent Compromise

The political parties cannot agree on what constitutes a "fair" society.

The Tyrannical Nature of Nationalism

Nationalism has been a tool of governments to justify wars and tyranny, a practice that continues to this day.

Does Political Integrity Exist in American Politics?

Integrity is a value greatly lacking in our political figures today, as they have abandoned it, and their principles, to better themselves and gain power.

Free College Harms More Than It Helps

Supporters of free college do not recognize that the economic detriments far outweigh any possible benefits of the proposal.

71R Exclusive: Interview with Virginia Libertarian Senate Candidate Matt Waters

An exclusive interview with the Libertarian candidate for the 2018 Virginia Senate election, Matt Waters.

Atheists and theists marching for peace

Atheists Should Be Consistent and Be Libertarians

Atheists oppose the often dogmatic nature of religion, but then, many support the exact same practices when the state does them.

The Two Parties are a Divide and Conquer Tactic

Millions of Americans have fallen for the ultra-partisan divisions of the two parties and the two-party system, which have been a handy tool for government tyranny.

This Could Be Worse Than the Cold War

To prevent such a terrifying occurrence as WWIII, communication needs to be restored between countries, and expansionism needs to cease in order to not press other countries towards retaliation.