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Universal Basic Income: Ultimately Botched and Inept

The idea of providing the nation's citizens with a Universal Basic Income is not only a flawed one but also one that would not be effective.

Universal Basic Income Isn’t a Challenge to the Work Ethic

A universal basic income could not only be a solution to poverty but could also encourage engagement in meaningful activities.

The Beast: An Anti-War Poem

An original free-verse poem reflecting on the inhumanity of war, which the State often creates, inadvertently or otherwise.

The Libertarian Case for a Minimum Wage Hike

Increasing the minimum wage would relieve some of the burden on American taxpayers by ending the need for welfare via the government

The Importance of the Individual in Life

Throughout time, the individual has been represented and portrayed positively in mythology and the real world, showing its importance in life.

Marijuana War on Drugs

Legalizing All Drugs is Morally and Practically Beneficial

The War on Drugs tears apart families, enables the cartels to thrive, and doesn't actually reduce rates of drug consumption at all.

Collectivism Targets the Weak

Collectivist ideologies destroy the sanctity of the individual and appeal to the weak, who seek to use government as an apparatus for their own betterment.

Right-wing unity at the march for life

The Case for Right-wing Unity

The ideologies of the right must unite to fight against the liberty-threatening left in order to ultimately benefit libertarians.

Interview With Brent DeRidder of the Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief

Indri Schaelicke of 71 Republic interviewed the founder of the Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief to discuss a number of pertinent issues.

Does Capitalism Unite or Divide People?

While true capitalism, by nature, unites people and helps to lift the masses out of poverty, economic systems that use the state to coerce really divide us.