Trump Puts America First With Syrian Exit

President Donald Trump
Spencer Kellogg Neale | @Spencer_Kellogg

In a series of tweets that shocked the Pentagon and sent waves through the national security apparatus, President Trump announced an immediate withdrawal of troops and support for Kurdish rebels fighting in northern Syria.

After decades of failed American interventionism around the globe, Trump is absolutely right to vacate Syria.

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Adam Schiff Is Unfit to Lead Impeachment

Adam Schiff, House of Representatives elect
Landon Mion | @landon_mion

House Representative Adam Schiff recently appeared on live television to read the transcript of the phone call between  Trump and the president of Ukraine. Instead of reading the transcript word for word, he added what he thinks Trump would have said if he were trying to secure an election. Later on, Schiff claimed it was a parody; however, he presented legitimately at the time of his broadcast appearance.

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President Mike Pence? Liberals Have Lost Their Minds

Vice President Mike Pence
Spencer Kellogg Neale | @Spencer_Kellogg

Nevermind how it came to this, here we are: President Mike Pence. The words cut through the mouth like sawdust or jagged glass.

That Mike Pence

Trump derangement syndrome has officially reached its explosive zenith—many liberals are now clamoring for Mike Pence, one of the most socially conservative and rigidly religious men in America, to hold our highest office.

This is the same Mike Pence, who as governor of Indiana signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country. It’s the same Mike Pence who made it legal for Indiana businesses to discriminate against LGBT+ customers on the shaky grounds of ‘religious freedom’. That Mike Pence would be forced to amend the legislation only a week later after a nationwide backlash threatened the economic security of the state.

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Warren Neglects Trump’s Name in Democratic Debates

Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic Debate
Dane Larsen | @_danebailey

Elizabeth Warren undoubtedly swept the floor with other the other candidates in the first night of the Democratic Primary Debates. Warren, a past Law School Professor at Rutgers and Senator from Massachusetts, brought out a shimmering light of progressivism. In a cast of Spanish-speaking and buzzword-feeding postulants grasping at straws, Warren held her own. The Congresswoman stuck to her campaign promises in a clear and concise tone.

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The Fight for Legalization of Marijuana Continues in Indiana

Garrett Summers | @g_summ300

In the summer of 2016, Ohio legalized medical marijuana, allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana for a wide range of health issues. Michigan would go on to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018. Illinois will be the eleventh state to legalize recreational marijuana when new legislation takes effect on January 1st, 2020. This means that two of Indiana’s neighbors have legalized marijuana for recreational uses, with a third legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. In Indiana, bills were brought forward to decriminalize or legalize marijuana for either medical or recreational purposes. However, these bills only saw their first readings, with none being brought to the floor for an actual vote.

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