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Planned Parenthood Has a Dark History

Jack Parkos | @j.ackp

One of the most controversial issues in the United States is abortion. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of abortion and this is a part of the abortion discussion.

Some praise Planned Parenthood as being heroic in defending women’s health. Yet many are unaware of Planned Parenthood’s dark past and secrets. Perhaps if the people were informed on the evil within this organization they would be skeptical to give over 500 million in federal taxes to Planned Parenthood. The myth that abortion is only 3% of services is terribly misleading.

Before we get into its history, it is important to realize the nature of Planned Parenthood’s funding. Pro-lifers must pay millions to prop up an organization that goes against their own values and morality. Stance on abortion aside, it adds insult to injury to make people fund the largest abortion provider in America while they oppose it.

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Abortion: Keeping the Status Quo

By Benjamin Olsen | United States

Abortion is a topic that many feel a male, including myself, should have no business talking about. However, I think good debate requires anyone and everyone to share their opinions in order to form a more perfect perspective. A disagreement witnessed in the Libertarian Party and beyond is whether or not abortion should be regulated by the U.S. government or if it should be legalized and left as such. The leading argument for the legalization side is “the best government is the government that governs least” and the argument that, like with the war on drugs, there will still be ways to get the service. The argument on the other side, that to protect “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” we must protect all life, even if that means Government intervention.

Legalised abortion is, safe to say, where you will find the majority of libertarians. The case for such a stance is simple and could be summed up in as few as 6 words. “It is not the government’s job.” It is not the government’s job whether at the state or federal level to dictate to its citizens how they should treat their bodies. However, the other side of the argument takes issue with this, because they abide by the NAP. The NAP is a principle discussed by many libertarian scholars. It means that one should not seek to forcibly interfere with another’s life or property. Hence, strict followers of the NAP would see abortion as a violation, ending a life.

From a purely scientific perspective, there are several theories on when life begins. Leading theories include at conception, when there is a heartbeat, or at viability. When we look at the each of these arguments, all we will find is more disagreement. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that science has not found conclusively when an abortion crosses the line from procedure to murder. With reason to doubt that only one life is involved, should we allow the Federal Government to legalize murder for all? Or should we stick to what has already been decided, such as the limitations set forth in Roe v. Wade? However, if we take abortion as murder, then a violation of the NAP has been committed. If the NAP has been violated then a crime has been committed and it is the government’s duty to provide Justice through our court system.

The government’s job is not to govern us but to rather provide protection from violations against our life, liberty, and property and as such the government should regulate abortion to protect not only the lives of the unborn but the lives of mothers. The problem with imprisoning every woman who has an abortion is that we would have several women in jail that had no choice left to them except abortion. Abortion, with limitations, is the ultimate solution. A solution that has been outlined in Roe v. Wade, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Ultimately the Abortion laws that are currently on the books in many states are what should be sought after.

The answer is not more laws or fewer laws, but to leave the topic alone. This is an issue that is being handled by the states and that is how it should be left. It is not up to the Federal Government to rule from afar the daily aspects of life, rather do as the 10th Amendment prescribes and leave the governing to the states. The unborn are protected by laws that require parental consent if the mother is a minor or require ultrasounds. The mother’s rights are protected by giving her the ability to carry on with an abortion if she so chooses and if it does not infringe on the rights of the unborn. The states should do as little as possible, while also preserving the rights of the mother and the unborn.

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If Libertarians Want To Protect Women, They Should Be Pro-Choice

By Osh|United States

Liberals are generally pro-choice and conservatives are generally pro-life. Libertarians, however, seem split on the issue. Pro-life Libertarians believe that the fetus is it’s own living organism and therefore has the same natural rights to life, liberty, and property, while pro-choice Libertarians believe that the government has no right to decide what a woman wants to do with her child.

Abortion rates have been declining in recent years. In fact, abortion rates have fallen to its lowest since Roe v. Wade was passed. Both sides have celebrated this as “their” victory. Pro-choicers believe that access to contraception and better sexual education caused the drop while pro-lifers believe that the restrictions put in by states caused it. So, who is correct? Oklahoma has one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation, and their abortion rates have dropped so it would seem the pro-lifers are correct. However, California’s, which is considered to be one of the most pro-choice states, abortion rates have also declined.

Another thing to consider is that banning things simply do not work. It’s the same thing with drugs, guns, and prostitution. People will always try to find the way to circumvent the law. With states who have strict regulation on abortion, women travel to a different state to have the abortion performed. If we passed federal laws regulating abortion more, all women will do is either travel to a different country or turn to unsafe alternative abortion methods. Similar to guns and narcotics, a black market for abortion could crop up. These back-door abortions will not offer the safe and sterile environment that a trained medical professional could perform. They could potentially be extremely harmful to the mother and the fetus.

Abortion is a heated topic in American politics. However, the government should keep the option of abortion open and not regulate it harshly. You personally may not get an abortion, and that is completely fine. Nobody is forcing you to. However, the rights of the people do not end where your feelings begin. The option should be available for those who are medically endangered, believe they are financially unable to support the child, or even for those who believe they are just not ready for a child.



Trump Administration Rescinds Pro-Choice Obama-Era Letter

By Ethan Suquet | USA

Just recently in a pro-life policy shift, the Trump administration has rescinded a letter sent to many states by the Obama administration. This letter was a warning to the states that if they dared to practice any form of discretion when it came to their Medicaid dollars funding heinous acts of abortion they could face legal penalties from the federal government.

This perverse letter was a clear demonstration of how radical the left has become on the issue of abortion. Not only are the members of the Democratic party able to defend late-term abortion but they are also able to justify forcing states to use the taxpayer dollars of their constituents to fund this shameful practice.

Luckily, even one of the least consistent Republicans on the issue of life, Donald Trump, who has defended planned parenthood realized that this sort of repugnant extremism in favor of abortion had no place in American politics and made a correct judgment call by rescinding the letter.

After Trump rescinded the letter, we can only hope that more states take the courageous step of saying that no Medicaid dollars should go to funding abortions. Even if the people of a state are incredibly pro-choice, there is no need for them to force their neighbors who may believe that abortion ends innocent lives to fund this practice.

Through incremental but essential steps such as these, we can finally work as a nation towards ending the brutal practice of ending unborn lives. The next step in this fight is to elect a strong Republican majority senate for 2019 that is capable of moving the house passed pain-capable unborn child protection act which would ban abortion after 20 weeks.

As President Trump is nowhere near as conservative as many of the other Republicans, conservatives cannot always trust that he will make the right decision on critically valued issues, but this is a situation in which conservatives should applaud President Trump.

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