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Abortion: Keeping the Status Quo

The government's job is not to govern us but to rather provide protection from violations against our life, liberty, and property and as such the government should regulate abortion to protect not only the lives of the unborn but the lives of mothers

Post Election Analysis and Exclusive Interview with Drew Miller

John Keller | United States Drew Miller, former candidate for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, spoke with 71Republic in this exclusive post-election interview. Drew Miller received 1,378 votes - more than the margin Conor Lamb won by. The GOP is pushing for a recount and many are criticizing Drew Miller for "handing the election" to Conor ...

If Libertarians Want To Protect Women, They Should Be Pro-Choice

The government should keep the option of abortion open and not regulate it harshly.


Trump Administration Rescinds Pro-Choice Obama-Era Letter

The Obama-Era pro-abortion letters have been rescinded.


The March for life – Chilly winds, Full Hearts, and Hope For a Better Future

With the President firmly on the side of life, there is a new future ahead for the pro-life movement.