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The Case for Liberty – Phil Anderson for WI

By John Keller | United States

Dodge County, a rural bastion in Wisconsin, is in a desperate position following increasing control from Madison. Whereas the inner cities have been struggling under the Walker Administration, rural Wisconsin has begun to suffer in ways they haven’t since the market crash of 2008.

In the last fiscal year, Dodge County had a proposed budget of $111,693,552, an 11.39% increase from 2013. A property tax rate of 5.6% is the average in Dodge County. But the main source of income for the Dodge County government, the property tax, brings in only $33,281,315. So, other taxes and revenue sources had to cover $78,412,237 of appropriations in the county. The reason for such an imbalance is unfunded mandates.

As of mid-July, there are 99 unfunded mandates and restrictions on how local counties can govern from the Walker Administration. Essentially, this means there are 99 instances in which Scott Walker is telling the county how to run itself and how to spend your money, without paying for it with the state’s taxpayer funds. This leads to budget imbalance and growing debt at the local level.

Phil Anderson: A Solution

Phil Anderson offers a different option. Running for governor in 2018, he is campaigning to increase local control. He stated in his platform, “Local municipalities, counties, and school boards ought to be as free as possible to pursue the priorities of their communities without interference from the State. State regulation ought to be limited to those things that only the State should do. All unfunded mandates should be eliminated.”

There is only one candidate that wants change the way Wisconsin runs so that local governments can run their own affairs. He is running to find local, common sense solutions for local problems, not statewide, bureaucratic decisions. In order to keep your money in your pocket and allow Dodge County, and all of Wisconsin. to spend less, vote Phil Anderson for Governor.

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The Future of Florida – Interview with Alison Foxall

By John Keller | United States

Alison Foxall is running for Florida State Assembly District Seventy-Two, and the special election is February 13th, 2018 and she believes the future of Florida is a free one.

Keller: With the plethora of careers available in the modern age, what motivated you too pursue a political career?

Foxall: I don’t view this a career, nor do I view it as “politics”. It’s a civic duty, and the future of Florida is at stake.

Keller: There is so much misinformation available today that skews people’s understanding. Libertarianism is not exempt from this trend. What is the message of liberty all about and why is Libertarianism the right choice for the people of Florida, and in essence, America?

Foxall: Liberty to me is all about self-ownership and responsibility. It’s about having the freedom to live your life as you see fit as long as you aren’t harming anyone else. But many people think they already have that. They don’t realize how much taxation is hurting them, or that there’s practically a rule/law for most things they do in their life. I grew up in the 90s and it was shoved down my throat that the United States was the greatest and freest country in the world. I no longer believe that. The evidence is clear to me that we are oppressed by our own government, which is controlled by both Republicans and Democrats. The time to change that is now.

Keller: You have broken so many barriers, especially with raising over $11,000. What is making the message of Liberty so appealing not only to yourself, but others?

Foxall: Our final fundraising total was over $30,000, which is the most in any Libertarian state house or state senate campaign in Florida’s history.

Prosperity is appealing to people. The tried and true saying of ‘work hard and you’ll get ahead’ is really what freedom is all about. Equal opportunity. We’re at a point where the average person is so taxed it’s hard to go anywhere in life. The more they make, the more they get punished for it.

Keller: Florida is known as a ‘swing state’, which leads many in Florida when looking at the ballot to say what are my two option. What is your message for breaking this trend?

Foxall: Voting for someone else other than the major two candidates is the most important thing you can do during an election. It sends a message that what they are doing is not okay. Otherwise, if you cast a vote for either of them, you are telling the establishment that what they are doing is fine and you want it to keep going.

Keller: A huge issue that has come to dominate local politics as a result of the rhetoric of the Trump Administration is sanctuary cities. Where do you stand on this hot button issue?

Foxall: Hot button issue is an understatement. Here in Sarasota, we don’t have an “illegal” immigrant problem, but the topic of what happened to Kate Steinle nearly 3000 miles away has been brought up several times, and we’ve been sent upwards of 50 mailers about the fear of making Sarasota a sanctuary city.

There is a bill floating around in the Florida House to “crack down” on counties not enforcing federal immigration laws. I oppose this law because I favor home rule. I don’t want to force counties to do anything they don’t want to or cannot afford. Here in Sarasota, our local Sheriff Tom Knight is enforcing federal immigration laws. It’s what the people want here. No one, not even local Democrats, is talking about making Sarasota a sanctuary city.

We need to have massive immigration reform federally and make it simple to get here. What that would be, I’m not sure, but some of my constituents seem to prefer a merit-based system as opposed to a family-tied one. Me personally? A simple background check to make sure they aren’t fleeing their own government from some violent crime is fine by me.

Keller: A campaign is defined by its stances on key issues. What three issues and policies are most important to you and your campaign?

Foxall: My campaign has largely been about free markets and economic issues, but they also bleed into several other categories like energy and healthcare.

–Reduce and eliminate 80% of occupational licenses in Florida. We are the most burdensome state when it comes to these things.

–Get rid of the utility monopoly in Florida. We have regulations that are protecting power companies interests and it’s making it hard for other types of energy to compete. Big power spends tens of millions on lobbying each year to ensure their own future. We are the Sunshine State, but not #1 in solar. Guess why? Government.

–Reduce the state budget. Several ways to do this: stop sports subsidies, all other forms of corporate and industry welfare, as well as legalizing cannabis completely. One study in 2013 shows that Medicaid costs were reduced by 150 million with states that had cannabis. We have an aging population and big opioid addiction problem. If we had cannabis in full effect, we’re going to see a big reduction in healthcare. But, as predicted, big pharma is attempting to corner the market here in Florida and make it hard and expensive for people to obtain.

Keller: If people are interested in getting involved with your campaign, how would they accomplish such a task?

Foxall: Go to foxallforflorida.com/volunteer

Anyone can make calls from anywhere in the world. Polls open at 7am tomorrow and close at 7pm. We will stop phone banking around 6pm. We can no longer accept financial contributions at this point of the campaign, per Florida state law.

Keller: Do you have any final remarks to the readers, supporters, and potential voters?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far in this journey. This was sprung onto us unexpectedly, bet yet I felt compelled to stand up for liberty. Tomorrow we will see the results, and win or lose, tens of thousands of people here were exposed to libertarian ideas and principles. We made a stand and we will continue on, regardless of this battle’s outcome.

I would like to thank Alison Foxall for her time – everyone in District Seventy-Two of Florida be sure to get out and vote on the 13th!


A Free Arkansas? – Interview with Candidate for Governor Mark West

By John Keller | Arkansas

Mark West is currently the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arkansas. He has served in ministry, as well as business and banking. As a result of this experience, he knows firsthand the difficulties of small businesses. He seeks to bring peace and prosperity to Arkansas.

Keller: Given the current political climate, with a duopoly dominating the political scene, why did you decide now is the time to run for office and fight for the message of liberty?

West: My fellow Arkansans are watching their liberties destroyed at a frightening pace. I’m stepping into this race because I care about empowering them by empowering the liberty that will help them step out of the overwhelming control placed on their lives by over-regulation and over-taxation in our State. Whether Republicans or Democrats have run the government, the result has always been the same, less liberty and opportunity for Arkansans.

The odds will inevitably be stacked against us and we will have to work for every piece of coverage we can get in the state’s news but we have to start now before things get worse in our state for individual liberty.

Keller: There are many misconceptions on what Libertarianism is and what the message of liberty is all about. Many tend to paint an apocalypse picture when describing the Libertarian Party’s vision. What, in your own words, is the Libertarian Party all about and the message of liberty mean to you and your campaign?

West: Our message is about empowering people.

I believe that is the message of our Founding Fathers. The people must be empowered over their government. This is the reason that we have the Bill of Rights.

We want to focus on putting the Non-Aggression Principle in language that makes sense to every day working Arkansans.

We’ve boiled it down to Empowering Arkansas, Empowering Liberty, Empowering You.

Keller: The state of Arkansas has voted in Republican in every presidential election since 2000, and with the exception of three elections, the same since 1972. What is your message to the Republican voters of Arkansas? Why is Libertarianism the right choice for Arkansas?

West: Our message is that the Republican Party continues to grow the government and shrink your freedom.

Republican government has lead to a growing state budget, few tax increases while eroding the second and fourth amendment rights of all Arkansans.

Keller: Governors have a unique role in politics. They have to not only work with their state but in cooperation with federal mandates. As governor, how do you plan to manage, or in other words balance, the two spheres?

West: Arkansas first.

We will not allow Federal overreach into our state, even if it means that we have to lose some Federal funding.

Right now, stories are coming out in which appointees of the current Governor have allowed the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, and others to step on the rights and freedoms of Arkansans.

We need to stop this from happening and start standing up for the rights of working Arkansans.

Keller: A very controversial topic lately, most notably in response to the actions taken by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is the legalization of marijuana. What is your stance on legalization?

West: We believe it would be in the best interests of Arkansas to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. We believe this would empower Arkansas by empowering individuals to take control of their own healthcare needs.

Democrats have been frequently lost their voice in Arkansas due to various factors, the most prominent being gerrymandering. What is your message to disgruntled Democratic voters?

Our campaign is about giving the government back to the people. We will work to get the unjust influence of big money out of Arkansas politics. We will work to protect your personal lives from overreach of the government. We will work to reform the criminal justice system in our state and to tackle delta poverty and unemployment.

We would love to have your help in getting this issues addressed in the State Legislature so that we can empower Arkansas for a better next generation.

Keller: A platform is critical to voters in making a choice in elections. What three policies are most important to you and why?

West: Economic growth through deregulation and lower taxes.

Reigning in overgrown and unaccountable government.

Empowering individual liberty which will empower the entire state to move ahead.

Keller: The removal of Confederate statues has made national headlines throughout the last year. What stance have you taken on this issue, given the fact that Arkansas supplied almost 74,000 soldiers to the Confederate cause?

West: I believe the Confederate statue debate has us focused on all of the wrong things. We’ve got to stop hanging on to the past in order to move into the future.

I understand the strong feelings on both sides of the issue and would prefer that issue be decided by the people of our state rather than by a politician.

Keller: The state motto of Arkansas is ‘Regnat Populus’ meaning ‘The People Rule’. In your opinion, is this the case in Arkansas? What will your campaign do to ensure this motto is upheld?

West: I believe it should be the case in Arkansas. Unfortunately, the Democrats and Republicans in power have sold the people out. Instead, we have a situation in which special interests and lobbyists control the seat of power.

We will call on the State Legislature to pass real ethics reforms, not like the fake ethics reforms in recent sessions, that will put an end to the unfair influence of big money in our State.

Keller: Do you have any final remarks to the readers, supporters, and potential voters?

West: If you’re done with politics as usual, then make a decisive choice and don’t vote for another politician. I’m not a politician. I’m a pastor and office manager. I live paycheck to paycheck. If we really want to see something new and different in Arkansas, then we’ve got to vote for something different.

This is why we’re going to focus on Empowering Liberty, Empowering Arkansas, and Empowering You.

This is your state, it is time for you to take control of your government.

I would like to again thank Mark West for his time in conducting this interview. Be sure to visit his website markwest4governor.com to learn about liberty and the chance for freedom in Arkansas.

The Public School System Is Lying About The New Deal

By Ethan Suquet | UNITED STATES

Last week as a high school student taking a United States History course I was shocked by some of the unabashed partisanship present with regards to the New Deal policies of President Roosevelt.

On two separate occasions, I had to fight the dictates of my conscience to answer the question correctly because I understood the fact that the people who make standardized tests tend to lean to the left.

I worry not just because of a few people within my class are being miseducated on the New Deal but because millions of students all across the nation are, and if they grow up believing in the false notion that government creates jobs, their votes could mean a significant decline in the amount of Reaganite conservatives in Congress and future presidential administrations.

The first occasion in which this happened I was given a list of a few new deal agencies such as the civilian conservation corps and the Tennessee valley authority and asked about what new role these programs gave the federal government. Any rational person could quickly grasp that none of these programs were mentioned in Article 1 Section 8 of the constitution or any amendments and the correct answer is that the government was playing a role outside of the constitution.

This fundamental truth seems to have not crossed paths with the minds of standardized test makers because like millions of U.S. History students just discovered from this test, the government had a new role in creating jobs.

This was not a sole altercation with the test, in fact, something similar happened in another question to get the right answer I had to imply that FDR’s actually policies lowered unemployment, just the thought of that is laughable.

Possibly the most extensive study which was conducted by UCLA professors using economic modeling to determine the effects of FDR’s policies on the economy has concluded that they did quite the opposite. According to the UCLA study, FDR’s policies extended the great depression by seven years and massively increased unemployment.

The idea that he improved the economy runs contrary to reality and it is wrong for bureaucrats to impose their left-wing ideology on high school students. These kids have to lie through their teeth for a good grade.

We’re being taught fraudulent history, and its time for that to change.


The March for life – Chilly winds, Full Hearts, and Hope For a Better Future

By Jason Patterson | USA

The 45th annual Right to Life March was the antithesis of the recent spate of Antifa quasi-riots to protest against, well, almost everything, but especially Donald Trump. The March for Life was different. This March wasn’t about opposing opposite parties but fighting against one true enemy, abortion.

Children and adults, young and old, came in in droves, scared and hopeful.

“There were so many young people, ” exulted David McGettigan, a Lutheran pastor from Ocean City, N.J. “They are part of a new generation that has been — ironic, isn’t it? — born that see the emptiness of the culture of death that their parents and grandparents created.”

Exuberant and with no noteworthy conflicts or incidents, the throng came to a near-reverential hush as an image of Trump appeared on a Jumbotron. Once an avowed pro-choicer, Trump, not for the first time, changed his mind.

He also became the first sitting president to address the March live, albeit via satellite. Typically, he wasted no time trashing the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

“As all of you know, Roe v. Wade has resulted in some of the most permissive abortion laws in the world,” Trump said. “It is wrong. It has to change.”

For Pastor McGettigan,  it was a transformative moment. “There was a sense of momentum here today, that progress has been made.”

With the President firmly on the side of life, there is a new future ahead for the pro-life movement.