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Enlightened forest

No, You Can’t Think Outside of the Box

Based on humanity's inherent tendency to conceptualize nature into common terms for communication, it is impossible to think outside of the box.

Near Death Experience Illustration

Inevitable Death at the Hands of the Former

Young but aged-looking mental patient Jake Anderson is haunted by his belief in an evil Creator, but are any of his fears grounded in reality?

Creation Guides the World All the Way Down

Destruction is an illusion. Transformation is real.

The Wage Gap Is Real, And We Should Keep It Around

The proposition for equality of outcome leads to various forms of redistributive totalitarianism.

Does Microdosing LSD Really Improve Cognition?

Can LSD really make you smarter?

Why Jordan Peterson Is A Libertarian’s New Best Friend

Breathing life into the forgotten art of self-help libertarianism.

Coping With The Monsters Among Us

Every argument for gun control or mental health reform is an example of a coping strategy, regardless of intent; efforts to prevent shootings help improve safety, but also indirectly improve the mental health of those in danger.

By Banning Best Friends, Schools are Crippling the Next Generation

Schools are stepping well beyond a reasonable line of control.

The Psychology of Malevolence

Malevolence is an incredibly complex thing, but perhaps even worse, we are all capable of acting it out.