Teachers Don’t Deserve a Pay Raise

teachers pay elizabeth warren
Landon Mion | @landon_mion

Elizabeth Warren has stated many times that if she is president, her administration will work to increase the pay of teachers, paraprofessionals, school staff, and school leaders. She makes the claim that public schools are underfunded and that teachers are not treated as professionals in terms of pay.

However, Warren is likely operating under a bias as a former public school teacher when she is lobbying for higher salaries. She has firsthand knowledge of what teachers get paid, so one would think she would be the ideal person to speak on the issue. Yet, flaws run deeply through her proposal.

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Liberal Bias at Schools: Where does it Come From?

Public School

By T. Fair | United States Schools across America, and perhaps other countries, are questionably left-leaning in their educators, staff and even curriculum. It may differ based on area, but statistically, the majority of educators are Democrats. One source, Verdant Labs, cites the Federal Election Commission in a breakdown of teachers’ political party affiliations. However, it …

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LeBron James’s Empty Promise

Lebron James

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

LeBron James has become the new angelic archetype of what a wealthy person should do with money, at least according to the left. The I Promise School located in Akron, Ohio hopes to be “that groundbreaking school.” The children attending the school will receive free tuition, uniforms, meals, transportation, bicycles, and guaranteed tuition to the University of Akron.

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