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The Florida Midterm Election Mess: A Recap

A recap of the election drama unfolding in Florida right now.

How China Overtook the USA Where The USSR Couldn’t

China has had several tactical advantages that the USSR did not, which allowed it to overtake the US where the Soviets couldn't.

white phosphorous bombs

Russia Alleges U.S. Dropped White Phosphorus Bombs on Syrian Village

Banned white phosphorous bombs come into play once more as part of the U.S. and Russia's involvement in the Syrian Civil War.

US, Russia, and China Relations – Part 2

The sure way to peace is the age-old tale of continuing in free trade, having Justice systems that provide equality under the law and cease the prowess of global military might or dominance.

Real Strongmen Aren’t Victims

Authoritarians need crises and enemies to blame them on. If they run out, they’ll invent new ones

Helsinki High: Trump and Putin Play Nice in Finland

President Calls Meeting "Constructive"

Pussy Riot Invades World Cup Pitch

Critics Of Putin Grab Headline On Final Night

U.S. on Trial: The Death of Democracy

The United States government preaches democracy, but is it harming the image of its own principle?

Putin Responds to USA-Ukraine Arms Deal

Putin claims it is in the right to respond to U.S. "threats."

The “CryptoRuble” is Born

Russia will begin to issue its own cryptocurrency.