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Jim Acosta CNN

Don’t Fall for the Hypocrisy of Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta and Brooke Baldwin condemn Trump when he belittles their questions, but stay silent as a mob attacks the home of Tucker Carlson.

Alt Right Intolerance

The Libertarian Party will Rise from Ashes of Intolerance

The growing trend of extremism and intolerance today is unsustainable, and the Libertarian Party will rise from the ashes to provide a new way forward for all.

Debunking Dyson

Is history really a viable justification for the use of identity politics?

Obama, Freedom and Identity Politics

By K. Tymon Zhou | South Africa As identity politics grow more popular to the american left, an unlikely individual may be able to help our racial divisions. How can societies reconcile multicultural harmony with unity? At times, it seems impossible to achieve both of these noble aims.  The progressive left seeks to prioritize "inclusion" ...

The Anti-White Agenda Really Needs To Stop

The Anti-White agenda in America has gone insanely too far.


The Stigma Surrounding Hallucinogens Took Root in Western Colonialism

This stigma surrounding hallucinogenic substances has taken many forms since the times of colonialism.

Reed College Students Want to Throw Out Historical Authors Because They’re White

Reedies Against Racism wants to do away with white authors.

It is Time for a New Solution to Police Brutality

It’s time for a new solution to the police brutality issue.

An Interview With Maj Toure, Founder Of Black Guns Matter

Toure's Mission Is To Bring The 2nd Amendment To The City


Logan Paul Is An Obnoxious Entitled Brat Who Deserves To Make Money

Logan Paul Is An Idiot But That Doesnt Give Youtube The Right To Take Away His Livelihood