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America's youth

The Democratic Party Doesn’t Care about America’s Youth

The Democratic Party claims to care about America's youth, but their policies prove that they would only make things a lot worse.

Progressive Commentator Praises Rand Paul, Criticizes Bernie Sanders on Russian Collusion

Progressive Commentator Kyle Kulinski has blasted Bernie Sanders for failing to stick to his anti war principles and advocating for sanctions against Russia.

Libertarians are Lacking a Respectable Role Model

Libertarians simply have nobody to follow as an example.

Faith and Love: Rand’s Critical Error

Ayn Rand's objectivism wrongly disregards faith and love.

Rand Paul Says $1.5 Trillion Dollar Budget A “Rotten & Terrible” Way To Govern

The Kentucky Senator Takes Aim At The Washington Swamp

Rand Paul Takes On Big Pharma

The Kentucky Senator is taking on the anti free-market nominee for the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The Rand Paul Assault is Just the Beginning

Political violence is a dangerous tool, and its days are not over.

The Full Story of the Rand Paul Attack

Everything we know so far.


Executive Order Starts the Process of Repealing Obamacare

Donald Trump is making changes to healthcare.


Rand Paul’s One-Man Protest

The Junior Senator from Kentucky spent his Monday evening defending liberty and freedom.