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Man Sentenced to Prison for Rape With No Hard Evidence

Othman Mekhloufi | @othmanmekhloufi

On January 10th, 2019, a mostly female jury found Albert N. Wilson, a 23-year-old University of Kansas student, guilty of raping a woman he met at a nightclub near campus.

Douglas County District Judge Sally Pokorny sentenced him to 147 months (over twelve years) in prison.

On the night of September 10th, 2016, Mr. Wilson met his accuser at The Jayhawk Cafe nightclub, known as the Hawk. They were in line to get into the ‘Boom Boom Room’, a dark and crowded dance floor in the basement of the club.

At the time, Mr. Wilson was 20 years of age and used a friend’s ID to enter the nightclub. The accuser, a then 17-year old high school student, was not asked for identification by the club at all.

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Wealth Creates More Privilege than Race

Nate Galt | United States

Much of the current political discussion surrounds the controversial topic of privilege – many believe that the white race has more privileges than people of color do, and others believe that straight people are better off in society than homosexuals. While those categories may make one privileged at a certain place and time, there is no bigger privilege than wealth. Wealth, universally, gives someone opportunities and offers them more possibilities. If they happen to be a billionaire who is a transgender, lesbian, African-American woman, they are infinitely more privileged than a heterosexual white homeless man. The privilege of wealth trumps any other supposed notion of privilege. 

“White privilege” is a term used by those who label themselves “progressive” or as a crusader for “social justice”, to say that white people have many privileges that non-whites do not have. This phrase can also be combined with “male privilege,” “straight privilege,” or “cisgender privilege.” A popular talking point in their circles is that statistically, being white reduces your risk of being shot by a police officer and being male reduces your chances of being raped. While these statistics are certainly true, minimizing those chances does not indicate privilege. Special programs that encourage gender and racial diversity in the classroom and in the workplace have been created. One such program, Affirmative Action, decreases the chances of a white man getting accepted into college. Men are approximately three times more likely to be homeless than women are, and are at a higher risk of committing suicide. One group is not more privileged than another; each group has its own hardships.

A notable “progressive” description of white privilege appeared as a musical skit on the A.B.C. channel on Australian television. The segment depicts two people trying to cross a stream. One person, who is said to be a straight white man who speaks English and was born in a peaceful nation, waits with a woman who the writers say cannot speak English, has dark skin, and is a refugee. The segment shows the methods that each person uses to cross the rapid. The writers say that since the white man is inherently privileged because of the color of his skin, he uses teleportation to get across. The skit then shows the woman swimming across the stream and then getting sick. The lyrics of the segment say that because she is female, cannot speak English in an English-speaking country, and has brown skin, she has to swim across the stream. As a result, she catches a cold. This description of privilege could be no further from the truth. The justification for the man using teleportation is that he has certain privilege that the woman does not. Not all heterosexual white men have privileges that darker-skinned refugee women do not. The deciding factor of who has or does not have privilege is wealth and/or material possessions. LeBron James, a multimillionaire African-American legendary basketball player, has many more doors open for him than an impoverished white man. Even if James were to become transgender and subsequently come out as a homosexual, he would still have privilege that the aforementioned poor white man would not. 

Phrases such as “white privilege” are extremely divisive rhetoric.  Implying that someone is privileged because of their sex, sexual orientation, or the color of their skin will divide people into several distinct groups at odds with each other. Instead of uniting one another and saying that no matter who we are, we are fellow Americans, some keep pushing identity politics. Our country is already divided into two distinct camps as a result of the congressional duopoly of Democrats and Republicans. Dividing the United States of America any further could cause an inseparable rift. 

Political discourse must move away from “white privilege” or any other category which is not based on wealth. The wealthy, no matter their skin color or their gender, are incredibly more privileged than a poor person of any race. Every group has their hardships that society should work to fix. We, as a community, should combat these struggles together. Preaching identity politics in the name of fighting nonexistent “white privilege” will only drive us farther apart. 

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Why the #MeToo Movement is a Sham

By Austin Anderholt | USA

In recent weeks, feminists, other leftists, and other general Americans have been praising “#MeToo” movement, the two-word hashtag to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual violence against women in America. The movement has disguised itself as “showing empathy and solidarity with sexually mistreated women” when in reality it is a cancerous plague of media sensation and mob rule.

A few weeks ago, Babe.net released a story about a woman with the pseudonym Grace, who felt she was sexually mistreated by actor, Aziz Ansari. His crime? Absolutely nothing. In some points of the article, Grace seems to be annoyed that she didn’t get to “choose her wine”, or that Mr. Ansari ignored her “cues that she was uncomfortable.”

Obviously, the definition of “consent” has changed over the years. It used to be, that if someone willingly goes to your house after a date, willingly has sex with you, that was “consent”. Now, someone can have sex they don’t like, wait for a month, and say they “felt violated”. This new age process where you can just publicly accuse anyone you don’t like of rape and ruin their lives without due process with one simple hashtag is disgusting.

In American law, according to the sixth amendment, the suspect of a case must face the supposed victim. With the outbreak of this #metoo disease, anyone (including the “Grace” character mentioned above) can just anonymously say that they were violated and not have to face the criticism and public eye that their supposed violators have to go through.

The single thing that disgusts me the most about the #MeToo movement is that people think that the media, or someone on social media is now the arbiter or sexual assault and rape cases. We no longer live in an “innocent until proven guilty” society. We live in the “If you don’t believe the victim you’re a sexist!” If someone simply SAYS they were sexually violated, then we have feminists with torches and pitchforks destroying the lives and reputations of illegally innocent people. This is absolutely disgusting.

The third and final reason that makes the “MeToo” movement so repulsive is that it is again not about “equality and voice” for women at all. I can point you out so many examples of a woman doing something that would land any man in prison or be detrimental to their career. For example, if a woman gave a man an unwanted hug, kiss, or any other similar touching, a judge would simply laugh at him if he tried going to court.

In conclusion, the #MeToo movement is an anti-male attack disguised as an egalitarian message. Do not be fooled.

Data Breach In Sweden: “82% Of Gang Rape Convicts Are Foreign”

By Emily Lynn | SWEDEN

Swedish news source Friatider has come out to say that a massive amount of data has been released to a far-right nationalist group named “Nordfront” along with a sex crime website Gang Rape Sweden. They decided to release the leaked database on Friday.

The data includes information including name, social security number, court, region, date of judgment, the period of imprisonment, and other personal information. Files of almost 170,000 sentences between 2004 and 2015 were published. The following was found:

45% of people sent to prison for crimes were foreign.

82% sent for gangrape were foreign.

70% sentenced to a 9+ year sentence were foreign.

(Source: Peter Imanuelsen)

And while 82% of gang rape convicts are immigrants, accounting for the prison population, in general, the cost of crime by immigrants costs 2 billion euros a year. Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen has stated that it is most likely that all of this information is correct.  

“I’m very certain it is legit. See the article on Friatider. Since they are being sued for publishing this info, it must mean it is correct.”

Swedish law enforcement is certainly unhappy with this data breach, as it goes against the Personal Data Act. Swedish media is also considering it one of the biggest data breaches to ever happen in Sweden.

Sweden lets in thousands of immigrants and this is only information from 2004-2015, so this is obviously getting worse in time. The Swedish government is keeping this away from the people to protect refugees, and the data breach is being challenged more than the crimes themselves. This is just another example of how the government tries to cover up their problems from their people even though many can clearly see what is happening.

The Left Continues to Assault Gun Rights, Even After Man Stops Rapist With a Gun

By Jason Patterson | TEXAS

While on a hike, Josh Williams used his Glock 43 to prevent a sexual assault. According to  The Blaze, he was first planning to leave his gun at home until he felt a nagging consciousness that he should bring it with him.

At exactly 5:30 AM, Josh heard a loud scream for help. As he approached the area to see what was happening he shined his flashlight on a man who was sexually assaulting a young woman.

“I came up, pulled my gun and told him to get off of her,” Williams remarked. Immediately after he demanded for the man to drop on his knees and asked to see his hands. “That way I knew he didn’t have a weapon. And at that point, he was no threat, so I didn’t feel the need to shoot him,” Williams later said.

That was the first time he had ever aimed his gun at a person or had to consider using it in any way. However, he is an outgoing supporter of the 2nd Amendment. “It’s dark, and I don’t know what’s out there, so I have it to protect myself and other people. That’s what it’s all about anyway — to help other people with it, not just myself. I didn’t think I’d ever have to pull it. Did I want to? No, not at all. But just … right place, right time,” Williams said.

The assaulter attempted to get away but was later caught by Travis County police. He was identified as Richard McEachern, a 22-year-old Austin native. He was charged with charged with Sexual Assault and Harassment.

Countless heroes with guns have saved the day, like last month at the church shooting and Liberals continue to protest guns. As it seems they won’t stop till your gun rights are stripped away.